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Aug 27, 2015

Over The Opening (OTO) @ the Internet Yami-ichi (Internet Black Market)

posted at 12:22 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver


image - Untitled (141729406) set of 4 5x7in. prints, ed. 15+2AP titled & signed from Greg Allen’s eBay Test Listings

Over The Opening (OTO) @ the Internet Yami-ichi (Internet Black Market)

for immediate release

On September 12, 2015 from 12 - 8pm, Over The Opening (OTO) will take part in the Internet Yami-ichi (Internet Black Market) at Knockdown Center, 52-19 Flushing Ave, Maspeth, NY 11378. The Internet Yami-ichi is a free to attend flea market Internet-ish items.

For the event, OTO presents some general “Interneti-sh” merch proudly displayed on a brightly colored beach blanket featuring works by Greg Allen, G.H. Hovagimyan, Yael Kanarek, Raphaele Shirley and MTAA.

For the event, MTAA produces a handsome set of Physical Bookmarks for Vintage Net Art Created Before Facebook (BF-2004). G.H. Hovagimyan displays two rare and slightly used Silent Memorial Shirts from an Artists Meeting performance circa 2008 (as seen on youTube). Yael Kanarek arranges envelopes with IRL Love Letters and Treasure Crumb Capsules from her classic online artwork World of Awe. Raphaele Shirley downloads jpegs of the adorable yet world-wide-mass-extinction-survivor-tough Tardigrades (aka Waterbears or Moss Piglets) straight from Wikipedia to dishwasher safe flatware. Greg Allen brings his print on demand classics, Canal Zone Richard Prince YES RASTA 2:The Appeals Court Decision, plus the Court’s Complete Illustrated Appendix (2013) and Canal Zone Richard Prince YES RASTA: Selected Court Documents from Cariou v. Prince (2011) as well as a lovely selection of local pickup only *eBay Test Listing* prints

And, as an added bonus, OTO will hold a tent sale featuring the premiere of a new work by Michael Sarff. This new work, titled Music 4 Music 4 Airports, combines the soothing ambient sounds of Brian Eno’s groundbreaking 1978 album - Ambient 1 - Music for Airports with the thrill of live captured internet surfing of LGA, JFK, Paris Orly and Cologne Bonn Airport websites.

Background on OTO - In the fall of 2007, the artist collaboration MTAA began to invite artists and art collectives to present one-night exhibitions of time based art in their Brooklyn, New York studio. The monthly event titled Over The Opening (OTO) operated as a blurring of studio space, exhibition venue and curatorial experiment. OTO presented a diverse range of art practices including endurance performance, net art, participatory events, conceptual lectures, as well as painting, installation and sculpture. In December 2009, after 24 exhibitions, OTO morphed from monthly one night event to a nomadic curatorial umbrella.

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