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Sep 01, 2010

All Raise This Barn Begins Today

posted at 12:25 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver


All Raise This Barn (ARTBarn)
A group designed and assembled public building/sculpture

Artists MTAA are conducting an old-fashioned barn-raising using high-tech techniques. The general public group-decides design, architectural, structural and aesthetic choices using a commercially-available barn-making kit as the starting point. The duo then conducts this 21st century barn-raising with volunteers perhaps including you on September 11, 2010 in San Jose’s South Hall and October 1, 2010 on the Renselear Polytechnic Institute’s campus. Will it be structure? A deconstructed sculpture? Some combination thereof? That’s for the you to choose

As of right now the online voting and design kicks off at

Continuous voting, live performance, group drawing, and documentation runs until October 1, 2010

artb All Raise This Barn (West)
On September 11, 2010 from 11am to 7pm in San Jose, CA, the first real world wood, saw, nail and sweat barn building begins. We’ll be prototyping and beta-testing the barn-raising performance as part of the 2010 01SJ Biennial’s Out of the Garage, Into the World program in San Jose’s South Hall. Learn more and register to participate on-line.

All Rise This Barn (East)
Then, on October 1, 2010 from 9am to 6pm in Troy, NY we build the final full scale barn. Join us on the campus of Renselear Polytechnic Institute for the barn-raising performance! The barn-building is part of the RPI’s Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center’s Filament Festival in Troy, NY.

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MTAA-RR » news » mriver » all raise this barn begins today

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