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MTAA-RR » news » mriver » music4music4airports m4m4a 2015:

Nov 18, 2015

Music4Music4Airports (M4M4A), 2015

posted at 13:26 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

MTAA, Music 4 Music 4 Airports (M4M4A), 2015
45:51 Video

Live capture of four online surfing sessions combining the tracks of Brian Eno’s Music for Airports with explorations of Paris Orly via Google Earth, Cologne Bonn via web cams, LGA via Google image search and JFK Airport via youTube

M4M4A was first show at #yaminyc 2015 at the Knockdown Center in a tent on a space blanket with audio run trough a guitar distortion pedal.



Music4Music4Airports (M4M4A), 2015 from mriver on Vimeo.

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MTAA-RR » news » mriver » music4music4airports m4m4a 2015

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