MTAA’s “10 Pre-Rejected, Pre-Approved Performances”

Voting is over and “Midnight In The Deli” is the winner!

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A list of performance-based artworks that have been rejected by curators at various venues worldwide. An on-line vote via the MTAA website will determine which performance will be created. Documentation of the performance and voting process is shown as the final work.

MTAA’s “10 Pre-Rejected, Pre-Approved Performances” will be included in “ARTISTS SPACE: Empty Space with Exciting Events Performance” in conjunction with Performa ‘05, December 13 - December 17, 2005.

Midnight In The Deli
An installation is created with $100 worth of materials bought at the nearest 24-hour ATM-enabled deli or convienance store. The materials are purchased at midnight.
23 (17.04 %)
Null And Void
MTAA will be available to destroy or deem "artistically void" artworks by any artist at the artist's written request.
19 (14.07 %)
Play the Pixies' "Debaser" on a bass in the basement of a military base while wearing a baseball hat and drinking a Bass.
18 (13.33 %)
Portable Blue Sky
Balloons with bright, blue lights attached follow MTAA around.
15 (11.11 %)
Gallo 100
In a public space, MTAA will install a shelf with a one-gallon jug of Gallo wine and 100 plastic cups.
13 (9.63 %)
Abandonment Plan
Make large paintings of a couch, a mattress, a puppy and a little boy in a video arcade. Leave them out on the street.
13 (9.63 %)
Back-2-School Special
Teach a class on improv computer-based and real-world performance art as an artwork.
12 (8.89 %)
Ben's Live Dramatic Reading of Star Wars Episode 4
Yes, it's basically what it says. Our friend Ben and a bunch of bad actors reading a script in a public space (most likely a bar).
9 (6.67 %)
Window Game
MTAA will spend one hour playing tic-tac-toe on the windows of a public building in the time-honored method of breathing on the windows until steam builds up and then drawing on the haze with finger tips.
8 (5.93 %)
Show AKA
For the run of the show, MTAA will rename the exhibition space. A banner or flag will be displayed to announce the renaming.
5 (3.70 %)

Total votes: 135

“10 Pre-Rejected, Pre-Approved Performances” by MTAA

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