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Feb 12, 2006

AFC on MTAA, Lee Walton and more

posted at 16:37 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

[mriver also posted about this, just below — so sorry for the dupe but I feel that this is an enhancement of his post rather than just duplicate info]

It’s official. Art Fag City is now MTAA’s officially endorsed and favorite art blog. And it’s not because AFC loves MTAA so much! Well, maybe it is.

AFC’s new post, Gallery Goer Asks The Question: What Is This Shit?, covers MTAA’s “10 Pre-Rejected, Pre-Approved Performances: Midnight In The Deli” (images here) and Lee Walton’s “Garbage Day” (m.river snaps here) all recently shown in We are all Together: Media(ted) Performance curated by Marisa Olson. permanent link to this post

MTAA-RR » news » twhid » afc on mtaa lee walton and more

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