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MTAA-RR » xml feed:

This page contains links to all the available XML feeds associated with the MTAA-RR.

Follow us like a stalker

Keep up-to-date with MTAA’s activities by subscribing to our:

›› Feedburner feed!

We’ve updated the feed that we send to Feedburner to RSS 2.0. You can still get the MTAA RSS feed at the old URL. One of these days I’ll do some tricky stuff to get everyone hitting the Feedburner feed, but not quite yet.

How to stalk us?

Are you asking yourself, “What the hell is an XML feed?” or “Why do I care?”

If you don’t know what to do with an RSS feed we suggest you download a news aggregator application like Nick Bradbury’s FeedDemon (Windows) or Ranchero Software’s NetNewsWire (Mac). Then you’ll be able to subscribe to MTAA’s XML feed. Just follow the instructions that come with the software.

Find out more

Lockergnome has a fantastic RSS section on their web site. You can find out about Windows RSS feed readers here. As for my Mac using tribe, there are a plethora of RSS readers out there for the desktop.

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