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MTAA-RR » curatorial:

Our curatorial projects have been headed by M.River (AKA Mark River, AKA Michael Sarff).

Lo-Fi Baroque
1998, Thread Waxing Space, NYC, NY

Curated by M.River (AKA Michael Sarff) and Carol Stakenas.

participating artists
Peggy Ahwesh, Barry Barlett, Thereas Brezany, Gregory Green, Chris Hanson and Hendrika Sonnenberg, Rachel Harrison, James Hyde, Cary S. Leibowitz / Candyass, Cotter Luppi, Vik Muniz, Amy O’Neill, Elizabeth Zawada, Thomas Zummer

film-night artists
Peggy Ahwesh, Mike Ballou, Brian Dewan, Michael Gitlin, Chris Hanson and Hendrika Sonnenburg, Rafael Montanez Ortiz, Julie Murray, Lee Ranaldo, Jimmy Raskin, Leah Singer, Nozomu Suwa, Leslie Thornton, Elaine Tin Nyo, Kevin Walsh and Jeffrey Reiman

Catalouge Project: “Static Fragments Afterimages”
7” x 7”, 32 pages. (Available for 10.00 USD, contact M.River to obtain a copy.) By Thomas Zummer, with disographies by Michael Sarff and Carol Stakenas.

Imagine holding a large and almost round pearl in your hand. Peering into its translucent surface, one may attempt to view one’s refection. The distortion of your view within the surface’s flaws may be a point where understanding and meaning occurs.

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Projects At Walden Gallery
2001, Walden, NYC, NY

In 2001, M.River curated a series of exhibitions at Walden, a small gallery in NYC’s lower east side.

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