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MTAA-RR » curatorial » walden:

Projects At Walden Gallery
2001, Walden, NYC, NY

In 2001, M.River curated a series of exhibitions at Walden, a small gallery in NYC’s lower east side.

DUal DUel: The McCoys and Cary Peppermint
For two Saturdays in March, 2001, Walden presented live demonstrations of media art by Kevin and Jennifer McCoy (Saturday March 3, 2001) and Cary Peppermint (March 10, 2001). Both the McCoys and Cary Peppermint brought their involvement with net and media art practices to time-based performances/installations within the gallery space. The performances took place between 12pm and 6pm each Saturday.

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’s “The Babysitter Tapes”

Cary Peppermint’s “CN ZERO OVEREXPOSURE V1.2”

Other Projects
M.River organized solo shows for Fritz Welch and Eric Troffkin at Walden in the spring of 2001.

MTAA-RR » curatorial » walden

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