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Apr 30, 2003

Matisse vs. Picasso vs. Spring

posted at 20:41 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Spring. I love it.

The MOMA, Queens invited all NYC museum staff for a private afternoon view of the Matisse Picasso show today. So, like many of my fellow good hard working museum stiffs on this fine spring day, I played hooky and went.

Now, if you think going to a museum blockbuster with your average art viewing crowd is odd, just think about how the vibe was with a mass of people who mount shows for a living. Yes, I spent some of my time in a roomful of the classics of modern art looking at how they jacked the stud walls into the ceilings. I saw a couple from another museum debate a framing choice on a small Picasso for at least 10 min. Museum geeks. I love them.

Oh, IMO, Picasso. Hands down.

And now, for the 3 people who read this site…the mtaaRR blog beats the world press and reports that the Gugg. officially signed with the Brazilian government this morning to build a museum. You read it here first. permanent link to this post


posted at 17:30 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid/politics


They’ve been telling us that for years and years but we wouldn’t listen. Now I understand that they were right all along.

If two guys can’t keep this little web log going we must SUCK!

But then again, I could just post all the little meanderings of my online time. Here’s things that made me angry at the Bush Admin today:

Robert Scheer in Salon
Maureen Dowd in the NYTimes
And of course, Joe Conason always gets me riled up.

What is wrong with America? We can’t understand that no matter how many Iraqis (or anyone else for that matter) go free, it’s not permissable to build our foreign policy on lies?

Let the hair-pulling commence. permanent link to this post

Apr 27, 2003

Open Beer for URl Swap

posted at 16:53 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

a new 12 pack of URLs at tinjail
permanent link to this post

Openly Swapping

posted at 10:41 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Yep, went to the Open Swap yesterday at the New School and all the art/cult geeks were in full effect.

First, I helped M.River move some things to his new apartment in Greenpoint, Bklyn. Then, went home and picked up my backup drive and my laptop (a crappy Dell) and headed over.

It was lots of fun. There was a speedy wireless network, and lots of Mac iBooks and Powerbooks. It was nice to be in a land of Macs and it made me regret once again that my laptop is Windows.

Andrew Andrew DJ’d the event. I see one of the Andrews on the train all the time. Once he asked me about my pda/phone. Now they both have one. Geeks.

I got some PDFs of Malcolm Gladwell articles from the New Yorker from Carol Stakenas. I got some MP3s from Cory Arcangel and Alex Galloway. I shared almost every piece of digital bit that I own as I brought my main backup drive. I copied lots of stuff to Carol’s iBook and starting the webserver to share with others. Macs rock. One can literally start-up apache and be serving files in about 10 seconds. I also just plugged the firewire drive into whichever Mac wanted some stuff.

The most interesting thing was Galloway’s mobile wireless video sniffer. It’s an X10 video receiver hooked up to a little LCD screen and powered with a big 12-volt battery. He says he got the idea from 2600. Here’s some pics of him putting it together.

I took a bunch more photos but I deleted them from my camera. I downloaded them to Carol’s iBook though. She has them. permanent link to this post

Apr 25, 2003

More New Art Ideas

posted at 09:15 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Installation Of Convenience (AKA The Dog Ate Our Artwork)
A process piece, the artists construct an artwork out of things which they find at the closest 24 Hour deli or convenience store. All materials for the artwork are obtained and the artwork is created between 00:01 and 12:01 hours on the day of the opening.

Liberty, Fraternity, Community
A series of historical paintings in the neo-classical style depicting great moments in Smurf history. These ‘paintings’ could be done in oil or as digital images. permanent link to this post

Apr 23, 2003

03 spring shows

posted at 22:10 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Hey! MTAA are in some new online shows this spring. This is good cuz our resume 03 is kinda thin…

M. River steps into the net art open 2003 @ irishmuseumofmodernart

and Angela Forster calls The Webpage for Planned Self-Obsolescence semiotically powerful, simple, communicative, purposeful and accurate for the digital salvage show @ Perspective House permanent link to this post

Apr 22, 2003

Net Art NYC April 20, 21, 2003

posted at 14:27 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid/photos

Lots of activity this week in the NYC net art scene.

There are some more things happening this week other than the one’s I’m covering so if anyone wants to leave the times and dates in the comments please feel free. There is an opening for the Digital Salon at the World Financial Center tonight and an opening on Wednesday launching EAI projects by Tony Martin, Torsten Burns, and Darrin Martin (MTAA showed with these guys at the Eyebeam AIR show).

Mouchette’s show at Postmasters was fun. There was a big inflatable environment which contained Mouchette and people cued up for a chance to go inside and talk with (what turned out to be) him. He was a very polite, fairly young frenchman who took our picture after we talked for a few minutes.

Pics of Mouchette event at Postmasters

Jodi’s INSTALL.EXE rocks the house. They managed to fill Eyebeam’s huge space comfortably with the big main space reserved for 4 large projections of what Cory Arcangel dubbed “desktop improvisation”. MTAA had a close relationship to the show as M.River was hired to oversee the construction and installation of the work and ended up working with JOan Heemskerk and DIrk Paesmans on the show.

There are no pics of Joan Heemskerk in my little photo documentation because she was unfortunately not feeling well and was at the opening only a short time.

Here are some photos (I’m a dork and didn’t take any photos of the actual work, just the people). permanent link to this post

Apr 19, 2003

Obituary For An Artwork

posted at 12:55 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

On December 10, 2002 an automated net artwork by MTAA and P.Erl (AKA Alex Galloway) entitled onKawaraUpdate ceased to live. The work, created as a splash page for, was launched on April 27, 2001. During its brief life, the onKawaraUpdate spawned a new web page each day mimicking the aesthetic and process of conceptual artist On Kawara’s famous Date Paintings. Each new page also culled news from online sources. The artwork was intended to keep creating new web pages daily until the end of time. You may view the deceased artwork here: onKawaraUpdate

According to the T.Whid of MTAA, “the work automated seminal process art as a comment on our increasingly automated, mediated, and computer-processed present.” Ironically, the work died long before Mr. Kawara who has been making his Date Paintings for almost 40 years.

The project seemed to be in ill health from its birth. In its first month of life the onKarwaraUpdate began to generate gibberish headlines but was brought back to health by P.Erl. Over the next year or so P.Erl was called in to stabilize the project on several occasions. Sadly, the artwork never seemed to fully recover.

Finally on April 18, 2003, M.River of MTAA found the work paused on the December date and pronounced it dead on the art scene.

“It’s a tragic loss for us,” lamented T.Whid of MTAA “You bring a small artwork into the world and you think it will be around to grow and thrive, but now, it’s just gone.”

A private cremation will be held at the MTAA Home Office in Brooklyn this Sunday afternoon. In lieu of flowers, the artists request donations to the onKawaraUpdate Memorial Fund. Contact MTAA to find out how to contribute to this fund which will be dedicated to helping struggling and underfunded net artworks. permanent link to this post

New Images

posted at 12:43 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

The three of you may have noticed that there are rotating images in the main head area of this section of MTEWW.

For a while the image was of a terrorist warning that we found in a subway car which said, “If you see something, say something.” We felt that was good advice not only for informing on your fellow citizens, but generally, it’s good advice. YES! SAY SOMETHING! SPEAK YOUR MIND! SAY WHAT YOU FEEL! VOICE YOUR OPINIONS! Don’t let our flag-wrapped, war mongering TV networks and the patriotically-correct thugs rot your mind or intimidate you.

Anyway, the new image is from the Boulder concert we attended a couple weeks back. Somehow it seems to relevant. permanent link to this post

Apr 16, 2003

Steve Mumford

posted at 21:47 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

An artist friend of mine named Steve Mumford has taken it upon himself to attempt to get into Iraq now at the tail end of the war. He left for Kuwait Saturday April 12, 2003 and from there will try to gain safe passage to Baghdad. Before leaving he tried to hook-up with a media outlet so as to obtain a press pass but was unsuccessful. I guess he’s going to hustle his way in from Kuwait.

I’m hoping he’s successful in getting into Baghdad. It’s a dangerous trip. But it would be nice to have some images created by an individual come out of this war as opposed to all the mass media and journalistic images which are edited and censored for the public. I’m interested in what Steve can bring to whatever he may encounter over there.

[update: 21:46] Steve made it to Basra according to his wife Inka. permanent link to this post

Apr 15, 2003

Happenings In The NYC Net Art Scene

posted at 17:06 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

The end of April seems to be THE time to get yer net art on in NYC this spring.

First, this Sunday (yes Easter for you Christians out there) Mouchette will reveal his/her/their identity and give away the web site to an artist to take over. This is all happening at Postmasters between 3PM and 5PM on Sunday April 20, 2003.

Then, just two days later, INSTALL.EXE by JODI opens at Eyebeam.

For those of you who ain’t hep, JODI are the probably the most well-known net artists around. Here’s a little summary. permanent link to this post

Apr 12, 2003

Thin, Pink, Spicy

posted at 22:44 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Had dinner with Mouchette this evening. Yeah, that Mouchette.

All she eats is thinly sliced pickled ginger—you know, the kind you get with sushi. She says it’s thin, pink, and spicy. That’s why she likes it.

She drank about a gallon of sake with it too. That little girl can REALLY put it away. permanent link to this post


posted at 10:29 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

I hate preparing my income taxes.

Surprised? Of course you’re not.

I made almost $1000 off of art this year which includes a couple of commissions, writing and speaking fees. That’s not much money, but M.River and I split it in half. <There was more here but it was edited for tax reasons<>.

I taught a class at City College for a semester and made a whopping $2144 off of that. Teachers are really underpaid.

It’s a damn good thing I have a day job or I wouldn’t be able to have my ultra-hip Williamsburg loft. My digital addiction couldn’t be fed either. That would suck. But then, so does my day job. permanent link to this post

Apr 08, 2003

local boy makes good

posted at 20:06 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

when i was young in columbus ohio, just out of high school, i hung out at a night club called crazy mamas. the music at the club each night drifted between punk, funk and the rolling stones. on saturday nights, in a back room about size of a mini van, some guy would dance around playing a keyboard and sampler while signing songs about…well, i just remember the songs being…weird. weird in general and definitely weird for columbus. the one man band was called evolution control committee. i always felt sorry for him. no one could clear a room of happy beer drinking locals like ecc.

much to my amazement, ecc went on to become one of the grandfathers of mash and it looks like CJ Pinch-Rolla from ECC has just won the coveted 2003 BEIGE cassette jockey championship. permanent link to this post

Apr 06, 2003

Dia History in NYTime’s Mag

posted at 16:20 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

It was nice to see an art story on the cover of the NYTime’s Magazine this week though we’re all very troubled about the war and the Bush administration’s imperial ambitions (see this article for a great overview: washington monthly article).

The NYTime’s article, The Dia Generation, covers the history of The Dia Center from it’s inception in the early 70s to the opening of a major new museum in upstate NY, Dia: Beacon, which focuses on 60s/70s minimalism, conceptualism, Earth Art and etc.

The article was a bit dry with the history of the infighting and whatnot, but what’s interesting is how the early Dia acted like Renaissance patrons.

from the article: ‘Friedrich compared what he was doing — now with his wife’s fortune — to the Medicis. ”Dia didn’t tap something new; it tapped something old,” he said at the time. ”Our values are as powerful as those in the Renaissance.” For emphasis, he added that Dan Flavin ”is as important as Michelangelo.”’ They handpicked a few artists and supported them extravagantly for some years giving them everything they needed to create work with no constraints of economy, time, or space.

I wonder what our contemporary net, web, and new media artists could do with the money, time, and space that were given to the Dia’s lucky chosen few. permanent link to this post

Forget Your Troubles and ROCK!!!

posted at 16:16 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid/photos

Attended the book release party for “Sound of The Beast” last night at Club Luxx in my home neighborhood of Williamsburg. “Sound of The Beast” is a history of Heavy Metal written by Ian Christie. Boulder rocked the house to the ground. Check out the action pics here. permanent link to this post

Apr 04, 2003

His Gun Is So Sweet!

posted at 16:56 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

This by way of Blackhawk (big props) over on The Thing’s Thingist.

I wish I was twisted enough to conjure things LIKE THIS up, but unfortunately I’m not. I wonder if this is how the Marine’s looked as they stormed Baghdad’s airport. I’m thinking yes.

While I was in Ohio last week visiting my family the news came out about the seven women and children killed at an army checkpoint in Iraq. My 80-something grandmother complained, “Why were they driving around out there?” inferring that if they had been more careful they’d be less dead.

It’s frightening to see the bloodthirsty, militaristic attitude of the Bush Administration invading banal bric-a-brac and Grandma’s kitchens. permanent link to this post

Perle resigns

posted at 15:30 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid/politics

This is old news (from 3/28/03) but as I had a post regarding it in this space it makes sense that I update the info.

Richard Perle has resigned as the chairman of the Pentagon Defense Policy Board, but he will remain a member of the board.

Here’s an article that sums it up concisely.

Seems like a bit of shuffling in an attempt to take the heat off. Things will be more or less status quo in that little neighborhood of the high, mighty, and willing to peddle their public positions.

BTW, I’ve added a new ‘politics’ category to the twhid section of this space. Just trying to keep things neat. permanent link to this post

You saw/heard it here first

posted at 15:04 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Maybe I’ll get in trouble for this.

But then, maybe I won’t.

It doesn’t really matter as no one reads this thing anyway.

Am I the Liz Smith of net art? That would be pathetic.

These links could disappear tho, let me know if that’s what you would like to happen. permanent link to this post

Apr 01, 2003

looking at an old drawing

posted at 21:40 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

found this test in my computer today. looks like i was right…

today is April 30, 1999. this drawing that you are looking at (sometime, somewhere, that i can not see) was made around 5 or 6 years ago. it was made at a time when i was new to the city and for some reason stopped making conceptual work. today is the first time i’ve seen it in years. there is a group of drawings (around 50 or so) from this time. i try not to think about them. they are from a part of my life when i lost track. it was a time of being adrift. the real problem is this - looking at the work (as i type these words into my computer) i am unable to understand myself. it is my fear that i will look back at this text in some future moment and experience the same emotion. permanent link to this post

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