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Sep 30, 2007

Airstream interior panorama

posted at 16:06 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid


Last weekend a bunch of us went upstate to celebrate a birthday milestone of M.River’s.

Chris Fahey came along and created this awesome panorama of the interior of the airstream he stayed in with his wife Peggy. See Chris’ blog for lots more info and links to larger images on Flickr. permanent link to this post

Sep 27, 2007


posted at 19:09 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid


G.H. Hovagimyan tells us…
Art Under the Bridge Festival in Dumbo, Brooklyn
September 28, 29, 30th, 7pm to 11pm
Front Street & Adams Street, Brooklyn
Video Projection on the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage

I’ve been working with a group of artists over the summer. We have been finding ways to collaborate with each other through an open dialogue and discussion about art and group praxis. The name of the group is Artists Meeting;

Participating Artists include Leesa Abahuni, Nicole Abahuni, James Andrews, Daniel Blochwitz, Chris Borkowski, Ursula Endlicher, G.H. Hovagimyan, Thomas Hutchison, Lara Star Martini, Nsumi Group, [PAM], Joao Salema, Raphaele Shirley, Jason Wee, Lee Wells.

We will present our first public collaborative video installation this weekend at the Art Under the Bridge Festival in Dumbo, Brooklyn. We will project two 30 foot by 40 foot videos onto the south side of the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage from the loading dock just off the corner of Front and Adams.
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‘Truth’ in photos?

posted at 01:11 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

I would like to write more about this, but time—work—blah.

Two articles in today’s NYT provide a strange contrast to one another. The first is filmmaker Errol Morris’ essay regarding a photo from 1855 by Roger Fenton. (I had never heard of Fenton before today and had never seen the photos discussed.) And the second is an editorial criticizing the idea that the dunes that inspired Edward Hopper should be protected from development simply because they were inspirations to the artist.

First, in the Morris article, I find it bizarre that there is even a debate as to the worth of a photo (or the talent of the photographer) if the photo was somehow staged:

[Songtag] mentions how one of the Fenton photographs was posed or staged. That we’re always disappointed when we learn that a photograph has been posed. Then she goes on to talk about the difference between fake paintings and fake photographs. Namely, a fake painting is a painting with faulty provenance — say, a painting that is purportedly by Vermeer, but turns out to be painted by somebody else. But according to Sontag, a fake photograph is a photograph that’s been posed.

OK, for the layman, sure, they’re disappointed. But experts? Artists? They shouldn’t be disappointed because almost all photos are a fiction to one degree or another. This seems like a very important thing to recognize in this day in age because when people don’t realize this very simple concept things like this happen.

The second article makes more sense. It’s obvious that the landscape has been filtered through the artist. How could it not be? He painted it. Why do people persist in seeing art photos any differently? permanent link to this post

Sep 25, 2007

SS5K Post Event Report

posted at 00:01 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

MTAA’s Super Slow 5K

Iíve been thinking of how to sum up the SS5K. I have to say it has been hard to shape the event into a solid thought. I felt the urge to retell the performance/ action in some solid documentation narrative. I think Iíll let that go. Iíll let that others tell the story at some other time. All I would like to say is that a very small group got together one afternoon and performed the SS5K and that, in the end; everyone said it was a wonderful afternoon. You can view some images here.

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Sep 19, 2007

SS5K Post Mortem…Soon

posted at 17:03 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver


Keeping with the overall pace of the SS5K, I’m still working on a final report and set of images. Until then, here is a shot of Kate - winner of the SS5K best dressed trophy.

More on the SS5K soonÖ permanent link to this post

Sep 15, 2007

Super Slow 5K — TOMORROW!

posted at 14:49 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

All the details here

I’ve got a cold and feel crappy, M.River thinks it’s going to rain — but somehow we’re going to PULL THIS OFF!

I guess we have to because everybody knows about it…
AM New York

RSVP on Facebook or email. permanent link to this post

Sep 12, 2007

Commons Art Diagram v2

posted at 13:57 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

This one was drawn by my niece Ivy from life, that is, from the t-shirt I was wearing.


Ivy didn’t specify what license she wanted to release this under, but I assume an attribution license would be fine ;-)

The original is here. permanent link to this post

Sep 10, 2007

Update on this Sunday’s SS5K

posted at 13:12 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

ss5k print

It’s less than a week until the start of the Super Slow 5K.

I hope you have all been training. As an incentive for participation, we would like to unveil the SS5K limited edition print (edition of 100). Free if you come run, walk, stroll or just hang out.

twhid update:
Here’s a closer look at the limited edition bib/print:

(click for larger image 348KB JPEG) permanent link to this post

Sep 06, 2007

The art season opens

posted at 01:49 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

The ArtCal calendar via Google Calendar shows that we’ll all be very busy around 6PM tomorrow. permanent link to this post

Sep 04, 2007

The King of Kong

posted at 02:19 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid


The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (official site; IMDB)

I can’t recommend this movie enough, it’s a great documentary. I was originally drawn to it because — hey, the classic arcade games are my generation — but the film goes far beyond any simple nostalgia kick. It’s hard to draw me completely into a film, but this one did it.

It’s not in very wide release (only 2 places in NYC are showing it) but check the web site, it’s being rolled out more widely over the coming weeks. permanent link to this post

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