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May 20, 2017

#unmade - report 3 (21-30)

posted at 01:29 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

#unmade - report 3 (21-30)

February 1, 2017 marked the beginning of a year long painting / internet art project titled #unmade.

For #unmade, I am posting, via Twitter, 100 titles for 100 unrealised paintings over the course of 2017. A painting (most likely as an acrylic and ink on canvas) is available for each title. Each #unmade painting is priced at $100. To commission a painting, a person may contact me (DM via Twitter) the day the title is posted. If no one commissions the title on the the day of the post (midnight EST) , the painting will remain unmade.

The third set of 10 tiles (#21-30) have generated 0 commissioned paintings with 7 likes and 0 retweets. During the third set, the mriver twitter account remained at 290 followers. Of the 7 new likes for titles #21-30, 100% are from MTAA member emeritus @twhid. Thanks @twhid


Iíve been to art fairs, galleries and museums since #unmade began. In the physical world and world online, I see paintings. Remember the little boy who whispers ďI see dead people.Ē? I feel like this now. I feel it but not in the worn ďpainting-is-deadĒ way. Itís more of a feeling of seeing something pass before me and Iím not sure it is real. Iím not sure if others see what I am seeing. Iím not sure if I am afraid. Can these visitations harm me? Should I voice my concerns to adults?

With #unmade, I see each painting as I write each title. Each painting fades as they become unmade. I look back at the titles. I try to remember how I was going to produce each one. They tell us history is the objects we keep. As the images fade and only the the titles marking the spent opportunity remains, I wonder what becomes of all of this.

Speaking of the undead, the next 10 titles (31-40) are appropriated from classic paintings. They are from paintings that seem to appear just by their names. For unmade tiles, I have renamed them with anagrams. Yes, the names of the next ten possible unmade paintings are anagrams of famous made paintings. Yes, I know this cringe worthy and nerdy. I know. I know. You see dead people. I see paintings. First with anagram answers in the comments win bragging rights. permanent link to this post

MTAA-RR » news » mriver » unmade report 3 21 30

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