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From The Archives - Self Selected Super St*rs

For Self Selected Super St*rs, MTAA simultaneously filmed and screened two new works during a one night performance at Light Industry in 2008.

In the first work of the evening, MTAA asked the audience to join us in an attempt to refilm Plan 9 From Outer Space.

Scene 1 and 2 with Ed Halter as CRISWELL

Scene 3 with T.Whid as DANNY,Thomas Beard as JEFF, Cory Archangel as OPERATOR and and Hanna Magnus as FLIGHT ATTENDANT EDITH

Scene 4 with Chris as GRAVEDIGGER #1, T.Whid as GRAVEDIGGER #2 and Peggy as VAMPIRA

In the second work that night, T.Whid gave Screen Tests to anyone who sat down in a pair of beach chairs on a blanket.

Screen Test with Chris and Peggy

Along with Plan 9 and Screen Test, T.Whid conducted a screening / performance of contemporary loops titled while (!handsInTheAir) {loop;}

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