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Oct 07, 2010

10.10.10 x10

posted at 23:17 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver


On 10.10.10 M.River of MTAA will perform 10 10 minute artworks for the 10th anniversary of the Beall Center for Art + Technology at Claire Trevor School of the Arts 712 Arts Plaza, UC Irvine, Irvine, Ca 92697-2775. The 10 works, commissioned by the Beall Center will begin at Winifred Smith Hall at 5pm and move at a slow crawl to a finish on the steps of the Beall Center.

Here is the list of the 10 works.

Number 1. A Completely Random Aesthetic Object (CRAO) — A single digital image created automatically from random audience input.    

Number 2. Fly Drawings — An attempt to fly audience-made drawings

Number 3. Burning Books (with RSG) — A public reading and burning of the published works of our friend Alexander Galloway.

Number 4. Hack — The term “hack” traces back to an insult about  furniture that looks like it was made with an axe. We will do this.

Number 5. Some New Documentation — a Faux 70’s era MTAA performance documented with black and white photos of the crowd looking on politely. Performance consists of tossing wet beach blankets at blank walls with overwrought intensity.   

Number 6. Live Dramatic Reading (Disconnection of HAL 9000’s Higher Functions) — A live reading from Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film “2001: A Space Odyssey”

Number 7. Default Location “University of California Irvine” — A virtual visit to the exact default location on Google Maps when ‘University of California Irvine’ is entered

Number 8. iPhone Drum Circle 2 — The west coast premier of the infamous IPDC. We will “Jam” using iPhones with drum aps connected to an ampifier.

Number 9. Snack Time — MTAA loves a good cheese tray and would like to enjoy one with you.

Number 10. Three Sheets to The Wind — MTAA concocts a new cocktail and raises a toast to the Beall Center’s anniversary. permanent link to this post

MTAA-RR » news » mriver » 10 10 10 x10

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