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MTAA-RR » news » mriver » ahaao picnic performance august 21 2011:

Sep 01, 2011

AHAAO Picnic / Performance August 21, 2011

posted at 12:30 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

photo via Casey McKenna of the Ridgefield Patch

Except from AHAAO intro script….

Here now is The Ceremonial Lighting of the Holiday Grill - For this task, I will need one brave volunteer.

Now, Please place your right hand on this can of warm Bud repeat after me.

I - (state your name) - do solemnly swear - to light this Holiday Grill - I promise - to get this dang party started - I promise - in 10 minutes - when the coals are totally dead - to fan the coals furiously - with this paper plate - I promise to then - look concerned - and then - to pour an ungodley amounts of highly flammable liquids onto the coals - I promise to then - toss a lite match onto said coals - and then - to then run like hell - After the fire ball - I promise - to smugly drink this beer - and act - like it’s all under control - This I promise - So help me to a Beer.

photo via Casey McKenna of the Ridgefield Patch

And now to our main task. To begin I would like to review two performance concepts that will guide us on our path.

The first concept is The Loop. A Loop in computer science is a series of instructions in a program, performed repeatedly until some specified condition is satisfied. We will use the concept of the loop to create a form for our performance.

The second concept we will need to bear in mind is The Relativity of Simultaneity. In physics - the simultaneity of two events is dependent on the observer’s frame of reference. According to the special theory of relativity, it is impossible to say, in an absolute sense, whether two events occur at the same time if those events are separated in space.

What’s all that to do with us? The loop will be our structure and the impossibility of simultaneity or, if you will, “All at Once” is our arch nemesis.

So, here is the basic plan. Over the next 2 hours, I would like to, with your input, collaboration and direction, create a small 5 minute loop in which we will attempt celebrate all the Holidays All At Once. This loop is then repeated every 15 minutes over the 2 hour window. The loop script can be modified as we go along but the basic idea is the same. Attempt to celebrate everything all at once.

Ridgefield Patch on the AHAAO Picnic / Performance

ahaao picnic / performance
ahaao picnic / performance
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MTAA-RR » news » mriver » ahaao picnic performance august 21 2011

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