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Feb 12, 2006

M. Riverís brief notes on the MTAA-RR

posted at 16:35 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

1. After some internal debate at MTAA, the MTAA-RR has been designated to be ďnot an artworkĒ but may contain some things that are artworks.

2. Everything needs a metaphor. For the MTAA-RR, letís use: notebook, soapbox, recipe set , vanity publishing, or a big Winnebago that M.River and T.Whid drive around the internet in search of roadside attractions.

3. Yes, T.Whid rants on the blog. What do you want? At least it keeps him from running through the streets of Brooklyn with a wild look in his eyes shaking strangers and yelling COPYFUCKINGLEFTFUCKINGBUSH.

4. Yes, M.Riverís spelling, grammar and coding are a crying shame. So, repeat after me, We donít care. Go get a goddam perfect boring academic blog of your own. (Actually M.River does like when readers send in typo reports. He needs all the help he can get.)

5. Some blogs have a lot of links to other people’s work, some have a lot of new content. MTAA-RR has a lot of new content that we ripoff of other sites.

6. Our Moms read and post on our Blog. We think this is cool. permanent link to this post

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