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Nov 22, 2010

Consider The Panda

posted at 14:17 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

If tasked with a Noah’s Ark 2.0 scenario and we come up short on cargo space, let us pack extra earthworms, frogs and bees. Let’s leave the pandas behind.

The current population of roughly 3,000 giant pandas, or panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) spend their slow days snacking on 20 to 30 pounds of bamboo followed by nights of notoriously lousy breeding. Like the unicorns, fabled rejects in the first great world flushing, pandas might be better suited as poster children than Darwinian positive members of our planet. They are perfect fuzzy icons for the World Wildlife crowd. And, perhaps, a perfect icon for the rarefied ecology know as contemporary art.

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MTAA-RR » news » mriver » consider the panda

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