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Dec 03, 2010

Freeing Lunch #Rank Day 3

posted at 14:49 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

domino's is our brillo

Today is day #3 and it looks like Domino’s Pizza is now MTAA’s Freeing Lunch #Rank official “New Brillo.”

To recap the current prices, Freeing Lunch #Rank box and print #1 is still availiable for $59.66 (+tip). Yesterdays Freeing Lunch #Rank box and print #2 was $20.14 for the pizza + tip + $20.14 for the gallery. That comes to $40.28 + tip. So, you can save $19.35 if you get box #2. Then again, the first one might be the one you want. Anyways, if you are not in Miami and want one of the four works (or all of them), you can always drop me an email ( and we can work something out.

For today, I’m calling in Pizza #3 around 11:45am. I’ll update this post later with more details.


Update - I have no idea if pizza #3 made it to #Rank today but I did get a call at my work desk in New York from the driver. He just kept saying “PIZZA. PIZZA. PIZZA…PIZZA…Pizzzzzaa.” permanent link to this post

MTAA-RR » news » mriver » freeing lunch rank day 3

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