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Dec 31, 2006

more 06 cya

posted at 14:57 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

When I was thinking about what to add to this list 06, I sent an email off to artist Rick Silva and collector, curator, photographer and art blogger extraordinaire Barry Hoggard asking what they liked in art in 06. Both sent lists of work I loved as well as shows that I wish I had seen. Enjoy.

One of my favorite works in 06 was Rick’s Recap. Here is a list of some of Rick’s favorites for the year.

cassini - saturn’s rings
spike lee - when the levees broke - a requiem in 4 parts
matmos - the rose has teeth in the mouth of the beast
pleix -birds
john kilduff - let’s paint tv
media archeology: software cinema festival - houston, texas
cai guo qiang at site santa fe
james turrell’s ‘meeting’ at ps1 at around 10 degrees farenheit right before they close for the night
john hodgeman - areas of my expertise
drawing restraint 1-9 at sfmoma
gazira babeli - secondlife code performer
radar at denver art museum

In Dangling Between the Real Thing and the Sign in The Window, James and Barry curated a group of artists who I felt held the mirror to 06. It was funny, dystopic and experimental. I hope, in 07, they will do it again. Here are some of Barry’s highlights for the year.

Susan Dessel’s bodies from our show
videos of Robert Boyd
Jeremy Eilers sculptures
Klara Liden Bodies of Society 2006
New Charles Goldman sculpture
This 9/11 show
Heather Rowe’s sculpture
Jacques Louis Vidal’s videos

Barry adds at the end of his list “I saw a lot of painting I liked too.” permanent link to this post

MTAA-RR » news » mriver » more 06 cya

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