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Jun 22, 2008


posted at 17:22 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver


10 netartworks I was interested in around 10 years ago and 10 from the last few years.

Note - This is not a “best of” list. It is just some works that I think about for time to time. I’ve added a MTAA work in the netart_x section only because it was done with Eryk Salvaggio and his webiste from that time (, like so many works from that time, is gone. Seeing as I’ve left off a good many netartworks that I like, I may (or may not) change the list from time to time. I think of xandxx as an netartwork. I hope to live long enough to add a netart_xxx section in 2018 on the longest day of the year. permanent link to this post

MTAA-RR » news » mriver » xandxx

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