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Mar 28, 2007

Burn in

posted at 13:56 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

This is interesting. Two pieces of art about screen burn in:

from 2005, Steven Read’s Screen Burn (please wait)

and the other, from 2007, Cory Arcangel’s Panasonic TH42PV60EH Plasma Screen Burn


What strikes me most about these two pieces is that they are so similar, yet Arcangel’s piece is so much better. Lots better. Infinitely smarter, funnier and more engaging.

Arcangel’s “Panasonic TH42PV60EH Plasma Screen Burn” is brash and bold, it says ‘fuck you, I’m fucking up this expensive piece of equipment. Why? Because I’m motherfucking Cory Arcangel that’s why!” Steven Read’s piece is nitpicky and fussy. His piece says “look! I wrote a program to destroy an obsolete piece of hardware. Why? Because I’m a geek.” Arcangel’s piece is about fucking with consumer dreams. Read’s piece is about… time and phosphors? permanent link to this post

MTAA-RR » news » twhid » burn in

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