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Sep 04, 2006

McCoys first solo show in LA

posted at 14:40 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

If you’re in LA this coming Friday brings the opening of the McCoys first solo show in your city! It’s at Fringe Exhibitions:

For their first solo Los Angeles exhibition, the McCoys present two new works. Both pieces are inspired by the language and themes of childhood. In the upstairs gallery, their project Special Things explores a super-charged utopian childhood of cavorting lambs, romping youths, and chiffon rainbows. All of this is rendered sculpturally in fragments across sixteen small hanging sculptures. Each sculpture consists of a miniature scene, a small video camera, and a mirrored word layered across the front of the sculpture. On a nearby screen, images of the sixteen scenes and their words are rapidly intercut, creating new sentences and shifting meaning: “The children feel special today” or “You can smell the flowers”.

In the downstairs gallery, the McCoys present Scary Things whose images come from simple elements of nature that can be frightening to children. This sculpture uses a similar technique of tiny cameras, sculptural miniatures, and acrylic text, but here the terrain is one integrated platform. Although the sculpture contains only ten words, hundreds of sentences are created, forming a reduced poetry of fear: “Dogs are fighting scary things” or “Lost birds are scary “.
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MTAA-RR » news » twhid » mccoys first solo show in la

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