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Feb 12, 2003

"Digital Typography" ca. 1983

posted at 15:06 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

While at my girlfriend’s parents home the other evening I ran across an article called Digital Typography from a Scientific American ca. 1983. It is a fascinating read, I feel like an archeologist who has found a tome that which explains the basis of his belief system (ok, maybe that’s taking it a bit far).

Over the next few days I’ll post some of the more juicier passages from it along with scans from diagrams. One of the fun things about the article is it’s antique tone: ..once letterforms are represented as discrete elements they can be efficiently encoded as discrete and distinguishable phyical properties in any convenient medium, processed as bits of information by a computer, transmitted over great distances as pulses of current and decoded to reconstitute the letterforms… ah, email anybody? permanent link to this post

MTAA-RR » news » twhid » type01

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