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MTAA-RR » off-line art » gargoyle:

Contemporary Gargoyle—Black (Soap) Box
2002, plywood, telephones, C-print, recorded messages
The Omega Manual, Smack Mellon Studios, Brooklyn, NY

from the piece:
We sit at the roofline and watch the city. We wait as time around us passes. We were here before you and will be here after you are gone.

We are neither your mirror nor your shadow. We are neither the warning nor the enemy. We are only what you are not.

We exist to move you to action. It is in this action that you may define your own nature. We listen and record.
An installation of 4 phones connected to sculptural buttresses. The public was encouraged to call the phones and leave jeering and leering messages.

More info:

Audio artifacts from the installation at Smack Mellon (quicktime required)

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MTAA-RR » off-line art » gargoyle

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