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MTAA-RR » off-line art » snad:

Simple Net Art Diagram
1997, digital image
thisisamagazine issue 13; Protocol: How Control Exists after Decentralization; TIME!®; etc

MTAA has released has released multiple formats of the Simple Net Art Diagram. In addition, the artwork has been put into the public domain via a CC0 license (see below).

It’s been mixed, and re-mixed, cited and lectured about for so long that we thought we’d make it a tad easier for folks to use it by making the multiple formats available for download.

» Simple Net Art Diagram (GIF)
CID: Qmdd32V1TCULHoomWaC5mKpY46CpYMG3JwskGy32S9BSRE

» Simple Net Art Diagram (PDF)
CID: QmejeawqoTqZGN8sEk6ruJAj7aLuWkvZmkHMoK1TZ2y3Vz

» Simple Net Art Diagram (SVG)
CID: Qmc3EJTCrXSxU5oRrx8zr7zkbugiZdAkbpxnu8QoDB1MB6

» Simple Net Art Diagram (EPS, zipped)

» Simple Net Art Diagram (Adobe Illustrator, zipped)

In October 2022, MTAA deployed a smart contract and minted three ERC721 editions of the Simple Net Art Diagram on the Ethereum blockchain. The GIF is entirely on-chain with no external dependencies.

» Simple Net Art Diagram on Etherscan

» NFT source code and more info

To the extent possible under law, MTAA has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Simple Net Art Diagram. This work is published from: United States.

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MTAA-RR » off-line art » snad

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