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MTAA-RR » off-line art » vieweratstar67: Gallery Interface
2000, large format inkjet print, computer, Yahoo!
Bi-Virtue, star67, Brooklyn, NY

Original Proposal:
MTAA proposes to extend the exhibition space of star67 gallery, brooklyn, by the amount of 3 megabytes of disk space on the servers of

The commercialization of the internet makes possible this annex to star67. Yahoo! (one among many) offers users a free email account with a limit of 3mb of disk space for storage. This space, though a commercialized private space, may also be made a public space if the password is made available to the public.

Installation shots from star67. Click the thumbnail to open a larger image in a new browser window.
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MTAA-RR » off-line art » vieweratstar67

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