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MTAA-RR » on-line art » five small videos:

Five Small Videos About Interruption and Disappearing

2003, web site; Flash, HTML, Javascript

Five Small Videos About Interruption And Disappearing are inspired by early video-based performance art work. MTAA were intrigued by the repetitive gestures and everyday actions in early video art performances. These Five Small Videos are MTAA’s update of the forms and themes of this earlier video work.

Commissioned by The Alternative Museum, Five Small Videos About Interruption and Disappearing has proven to be very popular and has been included in the Seoul Net & Film Festival 2003 (in the Interactive/Web Art section); exhibited at <Pause> (an on-line group exhibition presented by; was featured in a net art article in Parachute #113; and is included in the net art section of VideoZone2 — The 2nd International Video Art Biennial in Israel (opening 11/17/04). link to work |  permanent link to this post

MTAA-RR » on-line art » five small videos

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