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Dec 31, 2007


posted at 20:14 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

the decent

the wild blue yonder, the decent, la jetee, fearless, street fight, loud QUIET loud, a sound of thunder, enemy at the gate, so wrong they’re right, the illusionist, stop making sense, heart of gold, the departed, storefront hitchcock, my country, my county, requiem, the host, minority report, the good shepard, the last days, the last king of scotland, darshan, the embrace, flesh + blood, robo cop, hannibal rising, at worlds end, old joy, acid house, the last waltz, letters from imo jima, matthew barney - no restraint, high tech soul, blood and chocolate, the call of cthulha, star wars episode v - the empire strikes back, primeval, the good german, factory girl, 300, unbreakable, bug sonic youth - corporate ghost, blood simple, miller’s crossing, undead, mouth of madness, roma, the thing, mr. brooks, spiderman 3, the lives of others, bloody child, b.i.k.e, gerry, good will hunting, live free or die hard, the king is alive, blood diamond, eastern promises, elephant

Take one image, without pausing the film, from each DVD I rent and watch alone in 2007. Show each of the 60 images for 1 second in 5.7 MB QuickTime movie.



still 07 from mriver on Vimeo. permanent link to this post

Dec 30, 2007

MTAA’s creative practice

posted at 16:23 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

While M.River posts happy i-love-everybody posts about the new year I’m here to rant.

I’m not really sure what Roberta Smith is going on about with this column:
Another lamentable creeping usage is not only pretentious, but it distorts and narrows what artists do. I refer to — rather than reference — the word practice, as in “Duchamp’s practice,” “Picasso’s studio practice” and worst of all, especially from the mouths of graduate students, “my practice.” Things were bad enough in the 1980s, when artists sometimes referred to their work as “production,” but at least that had a kind of grease-monkey grit to it.

I’m here to defend artists’ use of the word practice. If you’re reading this on our web site (as opposed a feed reader or aggregator) you’ll see to the left that we use the term:
The MTAA Reference Resource (MTAA-RR) attempts to archive most information regarding the art duo MTAA’s creative PRACTICE.

Smith attaches all sorts of subjective associations to the word:
It turns the artist into an utterly conventional authority figure. (emphasis mine)

[…] there’s the implication that artists, like lawyers, doctors and dentists, need a license to practice. (emphasis mine)

[…] the implication that an artist, like a doctor, lawyer or dentist, is trained to fix some external problem. It depersonalizes the urgency of art making and gives it an aura of control, as if it is all planned out ahead of time.

It suggests that art making is a kind of white-collar activity whose practitioners don’t get their hands dirty, either physically or emotionally.

I don’t know where she gets all these implications and suggestions. Because she has all these stuffy associations with the term doesn’t mean everyone does. I would argue that few do. To me, ‘practice’ means, simply, the continual conduct of one’s profession.

The dictionary agrees with me:
13. to exercise or pursue as a profession, art, or occupation: to practice law.

I’m a professional artist. It’s not my hobby. Artists who cannot earn their living solely at their profession need ways of enforcing the fact that they are professionals (both to themselves and others). Language and conduct help underline the fact that we are professionals even though sometimes we can’t support ourselves entirely from our art careers.

Additionally, MTAA came to the term because we do all sorts of activities (we make web sites, installations, photos, sculptures; we perform; we blog; we curate; we write; we do public appearances and etc) and ‘practice’ seemed to neatly encompass all of them. permanent link to this post

Dec 28, 2007

Cya 07. Hello 08

posted at 20:33 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver


a big end of 07 hug to Postmasters, James and Barry, the mighty AFC (sorry about that “brawl”), Rhizome (congrats LC - the new digs look fab), iCommons, Haifa Museum, Computer Fine Arts, Enzimi, Glowlab/Conflux, the “All Night Roma” folks, Eyebeam, Creative Capital, C. Jones, Bryce Wolkowitz, RSG, MO, Mikey Koller, Kate (our unofficial super hypothetical and under, if not even, paid studio assistant) and all who came to the OTO. See you all in 08. We have 2 big museum shows in California next year and a great group of artist lined up for OTO.

Peace in 08. permanent link to this post

Dec 21, 2007

Merry and etc

posted at 22:11 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

This is may favorite emailed holiday greeting. It’s from the Art Workshop Lazareti in Dubrovnik, Croatia. We showed some work there during the iCommons Summit ‘07.

Here’s wishing you good holidays and happiness. permanent link to this post

Dec 20, 2007

Mark River is out of here…

posted at 17:53 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

buck hunter

Going to Columbus for Christmas. I might try posting some in Ohio. Might.

t.whid adds:
I love this pic. Have fun in Ohio M.River. permanent link to this post

Dec 17, 2007

Williamsburg is hip! Film at 11.

posted at 22:24 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

How many times can the press discover Williamsburg? It’s seems it goes on forever and ever.
[…] Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood has in recent years become one of New York City’s hippest areas. And with its easy accessibility — just a short ride on the L train from Manhattan’s Union Square — Williamsburg also stands apart as an ideal destination for visitors looking to explore another side of the City.

“Williamsburg is a haven for the young and the hip,” said George Fertitta […]

Now listen up. When I was in college. COLLEGE! (I’m pushing 40.) I read this in Ohio. OHIO! That Williamsburg was the hip ‘hood. I read this tidbit in New York Magazine. The issue was called “The New Bohemia Over the Bridge to Williamsburg” and is dated June 22, 1992. 1992! (I can’t type numbers in all caps but if I could, trust me, I would.)

So. By my calculations, this ‘Williamsburg is hip’ discovery has been going on for over 15 years. 15 YEARS! Please. Seriously. Everyone has figured it out by now. Stop it.

[via curbed] permanent link to this post

Photos from Mike Koller’s HOLIDAY REJECTS

posted at 13:42 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

“Naughty” and “Nice” slide show of found (Googled) holiday photos - faux mantel with projected Yule log loop and found (Googled) holiday photos - projected flash animation Christmas tree

Some more shots from the show at Tinjail (start at link and scroll back) and at Flickr in the OTO set. Enjoy. permanent link to this post

Dec 14, 2007

It’s A Very Special Holiday OTO Tonight only (7- 10)

posted at 16:53 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Mike Koller’s The Holiday Rejects

M.River of MTAA calls it “…a heart warming celebration of the holidays fueled by sugar, eggnog, and forced photo ops. What could go wrong?”

t.whid update
oops. Our posts collided. M.River’s is funnier. permanent link to this post

Reminder: Mike Koller — TONIGHT ONLY!

posted at 15:06 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid


Mike Koller’s “Holiday Rejects” tonight at Over The Opening.

Get all the details here.

This one is going to be great. Not to be missed :-) permanent link to this post

Dec 12, 2007

w00t! Websters is totally PWNED!

posted at 14:33 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Thousands of you took part in the search for Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year for 2007, and the vast majority of you chose a small word that packs a pretty big punch. The word you’ve selected hasn’t found its way into a regular Merriam-Webster dictionary yet—but its inclusion in our online Open Dictionary, along with the top honors it’s now been awarded—might just improve its chances. This year’s winning word first became popular in competitive online gaming forums as part of what is known as l33t (“leet,” or “elite”) speak—an esoteric computer hacker language in which numbers and symbols are put together to look like letters. Although the double “o” in the word is usually represented by double zeroes, the exclamation is also known to be an acronym for “we owned the other team”—again stemming from the gaming community.

Merriam-Webster’s #1 Word of the Year for 2007 based on votes from visitors to our Web site:

1. w00t (interjection)
expressing joy (it could be after a triumph, or for no reason at all); similar in use to the word “yay”
Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year 2007 permanent link to this post

Dec 07, 2007

open animated GIF frames in Photoshop CS3

posted at 20:02 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid/geek

Adobe, the jerks, removed functionality from Photoshop CS3. Specifically, you could, once upon a time, open an animated GIF in Imageready (free with Photoshop). You can no longer do this with CS3 since Imageready (and it’s tight integration with PS) no longer exists. Adobe’s own KB article on it tells you to buy Fireworks to get this functionality! WTF?!

Fuck that. I have a workaround. Note: this is for OSX only. This workaround works for Windows (my workaround is very similar). Here it is:

1. Open the animated GIF in QuickTime.
2. Choose ‘Save As…’
3. Select ‘Save as self-contained movie’ and save it.
4. In Photoshop, select File->Import->Video Frames To Layers…
5. Select your new animated GIF/QuickTime movie and configure how you want to import it in the Import Video To Layers dialog box.
6. That’s it. You should now have all the frames on separate layers and as frames in the animation palette. permanent link to this post

ArtFagCity does Miami

posted at 18:26 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Paddy’s take on the art-fair-a-palooza sweeping Miami this week sounds a lot like how I would probably feel about it if I was there.

I’m really liking her cynical take on the whole thing. So far it’s the only coverage that sounds like a sane person is writing it (as opposed to a person lobotomized by a PR firm).

From: ArtNow Meets Low Expectations
Word on the street tells me ArtNow won’t be the worst fair I see this week, which frankly frightens me. I made it through the first floor of galleries before I gave up on the chance of seeing anything moderately interesting, and walked next door to Flow. […] Consider yourself warned.



For those of us braving the NYC cold, I’m thinking we need to go see Paul McCarthy’s show/business venture at Maccarone Gallery.

Will these butt plug wielding Santa chocolates appreciate? I wonder… permanent link to this post

Dec 05, 2007

December at OTO - Mike Koller’s ‘THE HOLIDAY REJECTS’

posted at 15:00 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver


One night only!
Friday December 14 7PM to 10PM
Over The Opening is pleased to present Mike Koller’s

With the proliferation of video and photography equipment and even more so the availability and user-friendly nature of at-home post-production equipment and software, the do-it-yourself documentarian is a driving force behind all our familial interactions. The need to record, in detail, the various persons and their reactions to all the activities has increasingly become the chief activity itself. The time spent face to face becomes second to the execution of a thorough archive of the event. A smiling photo is more important than the argument it took to create it, the video containing each persons thoughts for the New Year takes precedent over the people themselves. In these ways the family becomes the discarded artifact of creating a visual history of events that are largely fictionalized or staged versions of an unknown third party’s expectations.

The Holiday Season, more than any other, creates a steady stream of videos and photos posted for all to see. Presented in a one night ‘X-mas Party’ format are the photos and videos from 69 different family celebrations in a tribute to the discarded persons who were pivotal to their creation, The Holiday Rejects. True to the season, the party will feature food, drink and music to set the mood. Also featured will be three new animated video projections of a Christmas tree, a window overlooking a wintry landscape and the inescapable Yule Log. Come, imbibe, document, post.

Mike Koller is an artist and musician living and working in Brooklyn.

Upcoming events at OTO:

Jan 11 - Elaine Tin Nyo
Feb 08 - RSG (Alex Galloway)

More OTO info and directions… permanent link to this post

Dec 04, 2007

back from the SS5K Roma

posted at 16:15 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

SS5K ROMA group photo
M.River of MTAA at the SS5K ROMA

Back from the SS5K ROMA. Loved it. I’ll have some updates soon. (Sorry T.Whid. I’m sad to say the lack of web updates and contact was not so much due to the great wine but lack of sleep and wifi. Shame really.) permanent link to this post

Dec 03, 2007

Success in Rome

posted at 22:14 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

After speculating that M.River may have been abducted and sold into slavery since I hadn’t heard from him in a week. It now appears that the Super Slow 5K Roma edition was an astounding success!

M.River’s disappearance was due to the fact that he was being feted throughout Rome for the duration of his stay and he was too drunk to figure out how to work the laptop!

M.River is posting a bunch of JPGs on Tinjail of his adventures in Italy.

Check ‘em out… (start there and work back) permanent link to this post

MTAA interview etoy
2000 , originally published on

A warm May afternoon in New York City finds representatives of two virtual art organizations meeting in the etoy.TANK.

read more »

Nov 30, 2007

Google Reader stats, or, I’m a total dork

posted at 15:10 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid/geek

Every other art blog is talking about the New Museum but I’m a dork so this art blog will talk about how to get feed stats from Google Reader!


You can see subscriber info and average number of posts per week. To see stats in Google Reader, do this: click on the ‘discover’ link next to the ‘add subscriptions’ link in the sidebar. Then click the ‘Browse’ tab, then do a search in the ‘Search and browse’ section. And that’s it! You’ll see a list of feeds that match your search criteria.

Interestingly you can snoop on other’s stats as well. For example, bloggy has 62 subs, Cory Arcangel has 141 and We Make Money Not Art has a whopping 2,466! Note that these are only Google Reader subscribers.


In other news, M.River has gone missing in Rome. He seems to be maintaining radio silence (voluntarily or otherwise). Guess that’s what I get for giving him a laptop with a fresh install of linux (which he’s never used) and kicking him out the door. permanent link to this post

Nov 27, 2007

NuMu Calvin Klein billboard mashup

posted at 20:28 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid




I can’t even tell anymore…

(Hint: you can see the profile of the New Museum’s new building in the un-dripped portion of the billboard.)

(via racked) permanent link to this post

Nov 26, 2007

Support Turbulence

posted at 14:43 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

They need $25K by the end of this year! Go to here to donate.

We need your support. If you:

— are one of the thousands of people who regularly visit, Networked_Performance, Networked_Music_Review and/or New American Radio


— are one of the hundreds of teachers who use Turbulence works in your new media/digital art courses


— are an artist who has received a Turbulence, Networked_Music_Review or New American Radio commission


— have presented at or attended Upgrade! Boston (Art Interactive or Massachusetts College of Art and Design), Floating Points (Emerson College), or Programmable Media (Pace Digital Gallery)

now is the time to give something back.

We cannot continue without your help. We MUST raise $25,000 by December 31, 2007.
permanent link to this post

Nov 23, 2007

Time has come today (Hey)

posted at 21:21 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

T.Whid fixed the dates in the MTAA-RR archive

Yeah, I know. It’s been broke forever.

T.Whid update
It’s *mostly* fixed. There’s still some funkiness here and there. Especially in Feb 06 — bah! permanent link to this post

Nov 20, 2007

Comments around the web

posted at 19:44 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

I’ve been taking part in two discussions on two different blogs today.

The first, on Chris Fahey’s, where the discussion is about graphic design on the web. I don’t have time to summarize so please go to the thread and check it out. But my point wasn’t well made. If we’re going to discuss graphic design vis-a-vis the web, it doesn’t help to inject the web into what is a conversation about traditional graphic design.

If you want to crit Google’s logo, crit Google’s logo. What does the fact that Google makes its money via the web have to do with anything? Now. If you want to crit Google’s home page in regard to it’s visual design, that’s another story. The main design decision of Google’s home page isn’t the logo. It’s the singular search field. You could put any reasonably designed logo above this search field without significantly changing the function or feel of the page. This distinction, IMHO, embodies the disconnect between graphic designers critiquing the web and web designers critiquing the web.


The other is at ArtFagCity. My comment is still waiting moderation (Paddy please fix these long waits… makes it hard to have a discussion) but here it is:

Tom Moody wrote: “Art about the art world inherently blows”

I can never understand why some folks think certain subjects are inherently bad. It’s obvious to me that no subject is inherently bad — even the art world.

If a certain piece is naval-gazing bullshit, fine. If you think a certain subject is being over-explored (like skulls perhaps?), then say it.

But, to declare one subject off-limits because it “inherently blows” makes no sense.

Actually, good art about the art world is perhaps even harder to pull off because of the risks of a) naval-gazing and b) subject over-exposure.
permanent link to this post

When in Rome…

posted at 13:37 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

MTAA´S Super Slow 5K - ROMA (SS5K Roma)
A leisurely 5K (3.11 mile) group performance around the city of Rome


Following the success of the Super Slow 5K at Brooklyn´s McCarren Park in September 07, MTAA brings the SS5K to Italy. The SS5K Roma is a one day race/group performance in the streets of Rome. Registration to the SS5K Roma is free and open to the public. It begins at 12PM in the Mattatoio in Testaccio and ends when it seems right or at 5PM, whichever comes first. Refreshments will be served, folding chairs and blankets will be utilized. The performance/race will be overly documented. “Celebrity” judges will be on hand to award trophies for “Best Dressed” as well as the coveted SS5K 07 “Mr. or Ms. Congeniality Roma.”

The Super Slow 5K Roma takes place on Sunday December 2nd, 2007 at 12PM to 5PM (rain or shine) and starts at Mattatoio di Testaciio at Campo Boario , Rome, Italy

MTAA´s SSK5 ROMA is part of Enzimi 07
With thanks to Christina Ray and the fine folks at Glowlab

For more info visit permanent link to this post

Nov 15, 2007

Brody Condon, 3 Modifications

posted at 18:30 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

BTW, you’re a new media art chump if you miss Brody’s show at Virgil de Voldere Gallery. Opening tonight. permanent link to this post

iCommons auction

posted at 14:35 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

From the site
The iCommons Auction runs from 19 November to 14 December, 2007. This is an innovative auction of paraphernalia from some of the world’s leading Internet figures. From Internet activist and Stanford Law Professor, Lawrence Lessig’s coat that he wore in countries around the world that invited him to talk about free culture; to pre-prints from best-selling novelist, Cory Doctorow’s forthcoming, to-be-Creative Commons-licensed novel, Little Brother; and from #13 of only 20 plush toys of Firefox Japan’s mascot, Fox-keh that took the world by storm, to four of Indian intellectual property expert Lawrence Liang’s favorite Bollywood films: this auction is a celebration of free culture from around the world from those who make it and build it every day. All the proceeds of the auction will go to developing and sustaining iCommons’ global projects.

And MTAA donated 3 copies of The Evildoers’ Remix.

Check it out! permanent link to this post

Nov 12, 2007

“Performed Listening”

posted at 20:21 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Olson's “Performed Listening” at OTO

Photos from Olson’s “Performed Listening” now up at OTO’s Flickr Set and at Tintype

Thanks to all who made it out. permanent link to this post

Nov 10, 2007

Support Rhizome ‘07

posted at 16:30 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Support Rhizome - 2007

The new media art site is looking to raise USD30K by the end of the year. Help ‘em out! permanent link to this post

Nov 04, 2007


posted at 14:53 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

thiz websiet containz information regardin artist mtaa
permanent link to this post

Nov 02, 2007

Weezer cover of Pixies’ Velouria

posted at 20:11 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

I can’t help but post a link to this cover of Velouria by Weezer. I’m a big Weezer fan. I’m an even bigger Pixies fan. This tune squashes two of rock’s best together in massively awesome track. It came out way back in ‘99, but I just found it (the Amazonians seem to have hated it).

holy shit! There’s a video of the Pixies’ Velouria (found via Wikipedia). It’s real media and I can’t get it to play. Let me know if you have better luck. permanent link to this post

Marisa Olson @ Over The Opening

posted at 16:01 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

still from Marisa Olson’s “Performed Listening: H” (2007)

On Friday November 9th from 7pm to 10pm, Over The Opening is pleased to present “Performed Listening” by Marisa Olson

Marisa Olson’s work often grows out of fan culture and her Performed Listening series explores the relationship between performer and spectator by underscoring the performativity of listening and watching. Began as a series of seemingly-silent performances in which Olson would listen to music on headphones, in a public context, the series has evolved into performances that sometimes incorporate other spectators and an expanded series of videos. In these tapes of Olson listening to music, the visual qualities are modified according to the sonic elements of the music being listened to.

For her exhibition, Olson installs two previous works from the Performed Listening series: “Easy Listening” (2005) and “Black and White” (2006). Olson also debuts “Performed Listening: H” (2007). In this new work, video of the artist listening to the Velvet Underground’s song, Heroin, is distorted by an analog “colorizer.”

Marisa Olson’s work ( has recently been presented by the Whitney Museum, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, the 52nd Biennale di Venezia, the Pacific Film Archive, Postmasters Gallery, and the New York Underground Film Festival. permanent link to this post

Art blog questionaire

posted at 15:22 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Paddy asks us to answer these questions.

Flattered that Paddy is interested in hearing MTAA’s views, but these questions aren’t very interesting to me. Plus they seem more focused on the critic/blogger as opposed to the artist/blogger. I did consider doing a snarky wise-ass reply to the questions, but I don’t have the time or energy right now.

Perhaps M.River will take a crack?

M.River Adds - Yes, Thanks PJ but I’ll pass as well. What I do here and on Tinjail makes little sense with this type of questions. The one thing I would say is that art/ review / crit blogs might want to avoid setting up standards and norms. Art needs a wide array of voices and styles. VVORKs, AFGs, MANs, ARTCALs, Reblogs, NNs, Rhizome Raws, Artnets and even Art Forum Diaries all have a role to play. permanent link to this post

Oct 31, 2007 @ Haifa Museum of Art

posted at 19:31 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

We’re very happy and proud to be part of this exhibition in Israel:
“NETworking” is the first Israeli museum exhibition devoted to Net Art. It presents 12 works from the Computer Fine Arts collection of Doron Golan. The works included in this show highlight a number of the fundamental qualities that characterize Net Art: the visualization of data; open-code access and connectivity; hacking and online voyeurism involving critiques of authorities and economic powers; the creation of online behavioral codes and the negotiation of cyberspace from various perspectives.

Check it out: NETworking - Net Art from the Computer Fine Arts Collection

There’s also a PDF (732kb) of the catalog available. permanent link to this post

Happy Halloween

posted at 12:47 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

greenpoint cat permanent link to this post

Oct 30, 2007

James and Barry Live

posted at 17:19 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Tonight at 6:30 ath the Cue Art Foundation - Brian Sholis, writer and Editor of at Artforum in conversation with bloggers Barry Hoggard ( and James Wagner (”

more info here

Will not be able to go, but wanted to give some link props back to our 2 fav hybrid collectors/blogers/critics/curators/photographers/political activist/web gurus/and all around underdog art fans, James and Barry. Have fun guys. permanent link to this post

Oct 27, 2007

2 newish projects now up on Tinjail - Walk and Flight

posted at 17:47 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

still from Flight

still from Walk

“Flight” is video loop (x 4) of a wing over Ohio. It was first presented as a projection at OTO’s Transporter Again

“Walk” is 2 videos, shot one year to the day apart, in the same location. permanent link to this post

Rhizome re-launches!

posted at 15:49 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid


A superb upgrade of the new media community site

Some of the changes:

1. A major change (for RHIZOME_RAW email list subscribers) is the breaking up of the list into 3 different categories: discussion, opportunities and an arts calendar. This required me to redo my email filters a tad, but also gives me the option to filter categories I don’t want or filter them more granularly.

2. The member pages have been transformed into profiles pages with lots more features: enhanced portfolio section (unclear of whether the portfolio entries get added to the artbase automatically), ability to upload audio and video (very cool) and include the feed from your blog. The organizational improvements to the profile page makes it much easier to read and see how the person is interacting with the platform.

3. There has been a major visual re-design. The front page is easier to scan quickly and is laid out more logically. The top navigation has been improved.

4. The discussion board is much better. One can now drill way back in time very quickly. The only problem is that it seems to go back only to 2002. Also, it would be nice to filter these pages (Max Herman is just as annoying now as he was then) but I suppose that’s what the advanced search is for. Which brings me to…

…Bugs. I did run into some bugs. The biggest bug being that the advanced search form isn’t working (I’ve been waiting and waiting this feature). I’m hoping to see major speed improvements in the search. Also with search, it would be nice to have the same sort of pagination in the search results as we get in the discussion area.

But enough of bug talk. This is a major, major upgrade for Rhizome and a big improvement. Lauren, Patrick and Marisa should be very proud. Congrats! permanent link to this post

Oct 26, 2007

NYT’s Brooks: dumb or dumber?

posted at 14:07 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

[…] then I realized the magic of the information age is that it allows us to know less.

The last person with speed dial to realize this? permanent link to this post

Oct 23, 2007


posted at 15:49 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was an artist named M.River (or was it Mark River? or was it Mike Sarff?) who made… paintings?!

Yes. Paintings! And he’s posting them all on his blog!

Check ‘em out

mriver adds - yep. paintings - thx. t.whid

Some context –

I started working on them in 2001 and have made 300 or so. They are all acrylic on canvass with the black line done with ink and a dip pen (bamboo). They are done in long series or sets (like one year was only painting heads using 3 colors). A good deal of them are based on NYT photos (not the ones on Tinjail so far).The reason I’ve been posting them on Tinjail is I’ve decided to try to document them all before Jan. I’m only a small way in so check back to that link in a few months and I will hopefully be done.

Oh…the other thing is that after painting consistently since 01, I suddenly stopped this summer. I think I’m using this time of documentation to reset / rethink the whole thing. Don’t know yet. permanent link to this post

Oct 20, 2007

Sponsored links — now in hebrew!

posted at 15:09 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid/geek

I’m a bit of a Google freak. I use Gmail and Google Calendar as my main mail and calendar apps. I’m desperately trying to get my wife to use Gmail as her main mail app and I’m always trying to get my collaborator M.River to use Google Docs instead of Word. I use the Gapps.

The other day I received an email from Doron (who’s living in Israel) that had a subject line in hebrew. There was really no text in the message — a quoted line also in hebrew — and one english line. This little bit of hebrew in the message triggered the ‘sponsored links’ section of the Gmail interface to display in hebrew.

I just thought it was kinda funny and it made me wonder how Google decides what language a message is written in. permanent link to this post

Oct 17, 2007

What Chris Fahey learned in art school

posted at 13:31 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Chris Fahey has an interesting post up today about how designers think as opposed to non-designers/business people. His site seems to be down right now so I’ll post his bullet points below:
Without further ado: In art school, I learned:
  • How to champion and defend my ideas.
  • How to distinguish between personal and professional critique.
  • How to respectfully and constructively critique my peers. How to attack the ideas of my colleagues and still have drinks with them that same night (and maybe even sleep with them — hey, it is art school)
  • How to test drive a hundred different ideas through sketching, cobbling, and envisioning them, before finally settling on which one to go ahead and build.
  • How to tell when I am done a project that could just as easily be improved endlessly.
  • How to tell when an idea that is precious to me is actually holding me back. And then to feel good about throwing it away.
  • How to have the confidence to present my ideas in public without fearing that they will be stolen. And how to take it in stride when they inevitably are.
  • How to distinguish between taste, technical skill, and empirical efficiency.
  • How to detect bullshit, and to avoid generating it myself (note that not all art school grads learn this).
  • How to go the extra mile to make something high-quality.
  • How to recognize talent in my peers.
  • How to collaborate with my colleagues effectively to reach a common goal.
  • How to be deeply competitive without being a dick.
  • How to make something new just for the sake of being new.
  • How to build off of, and give credit to, the ideas of my predecessors both contemporary and in history.
  • How to save ideas that I’m not ready for and keep them for future use (usually in sketchbooks).
  • How to start all over again from the beginning.
  • How to teach all of the above.

That’s a long list but I think he left off the most important thing that one learns in art school: how to see.

I’ve worked very hard to be able to take in and understand lots of visual information very quickly. It’s a skill that can be learned, but it takes a lot of work. Usually a couple of years worth of work. The one great problem I’ve had to overcome in working as a designer in my day job is how to talk to people about things when I know they are seeing only a small percentage of what I’m seeing in a visual design. (Of course this may be a symptom of my astounding arrogance and I could just be one of those petulant, prima donna, full-of-shit artist/designers.)

Of course Chris is talking about thinking, but the input one gets from one’s eyes will inform almost all of the bullet points above. permanent link to this post

Oct 13, 2007

OTO Pics

posted at 19:07 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver


Thanks to all who came out to the first OTO last night. Tons of fun. More Pics of the show now up on Flickr in the OTO Set
and even more at Tintype’s OTO Set

Update - 2 cool photos of the SGAR on Bloggy permanent link to this post

Oct 12, 2007

TONIGHT! Over The Opening launches!

posted at 13:39 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid


MTAA’s temporary gallery in their studio opens tonight for the first time with videos (and some other stuff) by Michael Sarff.

Where: 60 N. 6th St., 2nd Flr Williamsburg, Bklyn (directions)
When: 8 - 11 PM Friday Oct 12, 2007

Be there or be square. More info here. permanent link to this post

Oct 11, 2007

Untitled Landscapes for Portable Media Players

posted at 01:41 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid


Loving the Untitled Landscapes for Portable Media Players series by Cary Peppermint and Christine Nadir AKA EcoArtTech.

My only quibble is that there should be a version just for Zunes™… j/k permanent link to this post

Oct 05, 2007

My Kid Could Paint That…

posted at 14:53 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Paddy Johnson (aka Art Fag City) hits all the right points from an artist’s perspective in her review in The Reeler of My Kid Could Paint That. The NYT review is good too.

My 2¢? I’d never heard of the child before this movie’s PR kicked in. Was she really an art star? It just seems like a bunch of mainstream media hype trafficking on the general public’s ignorance of how actual contemporary art works. Sounds like a decent documentary though. permanent link to this post

Oct 04, 2007

New Baghdad Journal on-line

posted at 13:59 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid


Check out Steve Mumford’s newest installment
The artist Steve Mumford originally went to Baghdad in 2003 to work as a war artist, embedded with the U.S. military, both writing a journal and making drawings and watercolors of what he saw there. In early 2007 he returned to Iraq for approximately a month, where he worked at an army hospital. This is the second of three reports on that trip. The first, “With Good Company into Iraq,” was posted on Mar. 8, 2007. The archive for Mumford’s original “Baghdad Journal” can be found here.
permanent link to this post

Oct 02, 2007

OTO starts Oct 12 (8pm to 11pm)

posted at 16:04 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver


Over The Opening (OTO)

Please join us for the launch of our once a month DIY exhibition space.

60 North 6th Street, 2nd floor
Brooklyn, NY, 11211
L train to Bedford Avenue
3 Blocks west on North 6th - just shy of Kent

On the second Friday of each month, from 8PM to 11PM, the artist collective MTAA convert their N6th St. Brooklyn studio into a venue for the presentation of time-based art.

The OTO project begins on October 12 with “Again Transporter,” new works by Michael Sarff.

still from Michael Sarff’s “Kingdom”, 2007

More details at permanent link to this post

Sep 30, 2007

Airstream interior panorama

posted at 16:06 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid


Last weekend a bunch of us went upstate to celebrate a birthday milestone of M.River’s.

Chris Fahey came along and created this awesome panorama of the interior of the airstream he stayed in with his wife Peggy. See Chris’ blog for lots more info and links to larger images on Flickr. permanent link to this post

Sep 27, 2007


posted at 19:09 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid


G.H. Hovagimyan tells us…
Art Under the Bridge Festival in Dumbo, Brooklyn
September 28, 29, 30th, 7pm to 11pm
Front Street & Adams Street, Brooklyn
Video Projection on the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage

I’ve been working with a group of artists over the summer. We have been finding ways to collaborate with each other through an open dialogue and discussion about art and group praxis. The name of the group is Artists Meeting;

Participating Artists include Leesa Abahuni, Nicole Abahuni, James Andrews, Daniel Blochwitz, Chris Borkowski, Ursula Endlicher, G.H. Hovagimyan, Thomas Hutchison, Lara Star Martini, Nsumi Group, [PAM], Joao Salema, Raphaele Shirley, Jason Wee, Lee Wells.

We will present our first public collaborative video installation this weekend at the Art Under the Bridge Festival in Dumbo, Brooklyn. We will project two 30 foot by 40 foot videos onto the south side of the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage from the loading dock just off the corner of Front and Adams.
permanent link to this post

‘Truth’ in photos?

posted at 01:11 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

I would like to write more about this, but time—work—blah.

Two articles in today’s NYT provide a strange contrast to one another. The first is filmmaker Errol Morris’ essay regarding a photo from 1855 by Roger Fenton. (I had never heard of Fenton before today and had never seen the photos discussed.) And the second is an editorial criticizing the idea that the dunes that inspired Edward Hopper should be protected from development simply because they were inspirations to the artist.

First, in the Morris article, I find it bizarre that there is even a debate as to the worth of a photo (or the talent of the photographer) if the photo was somehow staged:

[Songtag] mentions how one of the Fenton photographs was posed or staged. That we’re always disappointed when we learn that a photograph has been posed. Then she goes on to talk about the difference between fake paintings and fake photographs. Namely, a fake painting is a painting with faulty provenance — say, a painting that is purportedly by Vermeer, but turns out to be painted by somebody else. But according to Sontag, a fake photograph is a photograph that’s been posed.

OK, for the layman, sure, they’re disappointed. But experts? Artists? They shouldn’t be disappointed because almost all photos are a fiction to one degree or another. This seems like a very important thing to recognize in this day in age because when people don’t realize this very simple concept things like this happen.

The second article makes more sense. It’s obvious that the landscape has been filtered through the artist. How could it not be? He painted it. Why do people persist in seeing art photos any differently? permanent link to this post

Sep 25, 2007

SS5K Post Event Report

posted at 00:01 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

MTAA’s Super Slow 5K

I’ve been thinking of how to sum up the SS5K. I have to say it has been hard to shape the event into a solid thought. I felt the urge to retell the performance/ action in some solid documentation narrative. I think I’ll let that go. I’ll let that others tell the story at some other time. All I would like to say is that a very small group got together one afternoon and performed the SS5K and that, in the end; everyone said it was a wonderful afternoon. You can view some images here.

permanent link to this post

Sep 19, 2007

SS5K Post Mortem…Soon

posted at 17:03 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver


Keeping with the overall pace of the SS5K, I’m still working on a final report and set of images. Until then, here is a shot of Kate - winner of the SS5K best dressed trophy.

More on the SS5K soon… permanent link to this post

Sep 15, 2007

Super Slow 5K — TOMORROW!

posted at 14:49 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

All the details here

I’ve got a cold and feel crappy, M.River thinks it’s going to rain — but somehow we’re going to PULL THIS OFF!

I guess we have to because everybody knows about it…
AM New York

RSVP on Facebook or email. permanent link to this post

Sep 12, 2007

Commons Art Diagram v2

posted at 13:57 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

This one was drawn by my niece Ivy from life, that is, from the t-shirt I was wearing.


Ivy didn’t specify what license she wanted to release this under, but I assume an attribution license would be fine ;-)

The original is here. permanent link to this post

Sep 10, 2007

Update on this Sunday’s SS5K

posted at 13:12 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

ss5k print

It’s less than a week until the start of the Super Slow 5K.

I hope you have all been training. As an incentive for participation, we would like to unveil the SS5K limited edition print (edition of 100). Free if you come run, walk, stroll or just hang out.

twhid update:
Here’s a closer look at the limited edition bib/print:

(click for larger image 348KB JPEG) permanent link to this post

Sep 06, 2007

The art season opens

posted at 01:49 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

The ArtCal calendar via Google Calendar shows that we’ll all be very busy around 6PM tomorrow. permanent link to this post

Sep 04, 2007

The King of Kong

posted at 02:19 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid


The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (official site; IMDB)

I can’t recommend this movie enough, it’s a great documentary. I was originally drawn to it because — hey, the classic arcade games are my generation — but the film goes far beyond any simple nostalgia kick. It’s hard to draw me completely into a film, but this one did it.

It’s not in very wide release (only 2 places in NYC are showing it) but check the web site, it’s being rolled out more widely over the coming weeks. permanent link to this post

Aug 31, 2007

The Internet: A place for friends

posted at 11:54 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Popkin on The Great Internet Sleepover permanent link to this post

Aug 30, 2007

new .mov at Tinjail

posted at 18:06 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Auto Car Wash permanent link to this post

Aug 24, 2007

MTAA’s Super Slow 5K!

posted at 14:01 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

MTAA's Super Slow 5K

MTAA’s Super Slow 5K!
a leisurely 5K (3.11 mile) group performance around McCarren Park’s running track

I’ve read on marathon training web sites, that one can walk 5 kilometers (3.11 miles) at an “easy pace” in 62.5 minutes. I’d like to slow that down a tad. I’d like to slow it down with a group of like-minded noncompetitive “athletes”. I want to race with people who are ready to say - “I’ll finish this 5K when I darn well feel like it and only after I stop by the official MTAA Super Slow 5K refreshment stand for another hotdog”. That’s the race I want to run.

The MTAA Super Slow 5K is a one day race/group performance on the running track in Brooklyn’s McCarren Park. Registration to the SS5K is free and open to the public. It begins at 11AM and ends when it seems right or 4PM, whichever comes first. Refreshments will be served, folding chairs and blankets will be utilized. The performance/race will be overly documented. “Celebrity” judges will be on hand to award trophies for “Best Dressed” as well as the coveted SS5K 07 “Mr. or Ms. Congeniality”.

Sunday September 16th, 2007 from 11AM - 4PM (rain or shine)

Williamsburg Brooklyn’s McCarren Park (map)

Email or just show up around 10:30AM the day of. Free and open to the public!

More details at:

MTAA’s SSK5 is part of Conflux 07


twhid update
We promise that it won’t be like this (Hipster Olympics via Gothamist):

mriver adds
Dang. LOL.

Yeah, it will kinda be like that but done with love and actual effort. Also, as of this morning, we have 0 people signed up so I might be running alone. permanent link to this post

Get yer sleep on…

posted at 13:58 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid


(Note: that’s the official title, multiple exclamation points and all.)

These crazy kids today:

Camp out with pro net surfers and net surfing clubs as we talk shop, play games, pitch tents, and make a hypertext mess big enough for mom to clean up in the morning.

When MTAA heard about this, we immediately thought of the Warhol Hijack. The Hijack is lost to history and its success is debatable. permanent link to this post

Aug 22, 2007

YouTube Bye Bye

posted at 14:39 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Just when I was starting to think about ways to use YouTube more as a site for artworks, Google decideds to go with overlay video ads

Ick. Time to find a new vid site.

twhid adds:
YouTube has always sucked for a variety of reasons. The only thing it has going for it is a huge audience. But video quality sucks and their little bug in the bottom right sucks.

I suggest!

mriver adds:
Yeah, yeah. I understand they do not have plans at this point to slap ads on my little home movies/ artworks - but still… it’s time for me to move. permanent link to this post

Aug 21, 2007

Big news from Adobe

posted at 13:46 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid/geek

Adobe’s new flash player will support streaming or progressive playback of H264 encoded video files (.mp4, .m4v, .mov and more…).

There’s lots of very important info in the above link and anyone using video on the web should read it. This caught my eye:

Will it be possible to place H.264 streams into the traditional FLV file structure? It will, but we strongly encourage everyone to embrace the new standard file format. There are functional limits with the FLV structure when streaming H.264 which we could not overcome without a redesign of the file format. This is one reason we are moving away from the traditional FLV file structure. Specifically dealing with sequence headers and enders is tricky with FLV streams.

It’s not exactly clear what he means by the “new standard file format” but I guess he means h.264 in whatever container you like (.mp4, .mov etc). Does this mean Adobe is killing the FLV (Flash Video) format?

Adobe has basically made MP4 (h.264) the MP3 of video on the web. In other words, it’s the default format. XBox supports it now (how long until Windows Media Player supports it?), Flash Player supports it now and of course QuickTime Player. permanent link to this post

Aug 18, 2007

San Jose Semaphore cracked

posted at 13:05 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

I hadn’t even heard of this project by Ben Rubin (of Listening Post fame), but it’s been solved.

From the artist’s web site:
San Jose Semaphore, by artist Ben Rubin, is a permanent public artwork commissioned by Adobe Systems Incorporated in collaboration with the City of San Jose’s Office of Cultural Affair’s Public Art Program.

Located within the top floors of Adobe’s Almaden Tower headquarters in San Jose, California, San Jose Semaphore is a multi-sensory kinetic artwork that illuminates the San Jose skyline with the transmission of a coded message. The content of the San Jose Semaphore’s message is a mystery; cracking the encryption technique and deciphering the message is posed as a challenge for the public.  To the first person or group to successfully crack the code, Adobe will award bragging rights and acknowledgment on both the Adobe website ( and the San Jose Semaphore website.

Fun! Don’t miss the PDF that talks about the solution. permanent link to this post

Aug 15, 2007

You’re living in a computer simulation

posted at 13:31 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Back from vacation in Ohio (‘twas lovely), not much happening art-wise, thought I’d post this (in case you missed it in the NYT):

Check it out: Our Lives, Controlled From Some Guy’s Couch
Until I talked to Nick Bostrom, a philosopher at Oxford University, it never occurred to me that our universe might be somebody else’s hobby. I hadn’t imagined that the omniscient, omnipotent creator of the heavens and earth could be an advanced version of a guy who spends his weekends building model railroads or overseeing video-game worlds like the Sims. Skip to next paragraph Viktor Koen

But now it seems quite possible. In fact, if you accept a pretty reasonable assumption of Dr. Bostrom’s, it is almost a mathematical certainty that we are living in someone else’s computer simulation.
permanent link to this post

Aug 10, 2007

Turn That Damn Sculpture Down!

posted at 18:45 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Sonic “glare” is good.
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Aug 07, 2007

T.Whid Week - Art Blog Party

posted at 22:54 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

T.Whid sums up a fun Art Blogger cocktail party host by Edward Winkleman at his gallery

Yes, he had a few. permanent link to this post

OMG! UR totally dead!!!!

posted at 12:28 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver’s netiquette guru Popkin (and MTAA style council) on Cory Arcangel’s “Friendster Suicide” and

Check it permanent link to this post

Aug 06, 2007

T.Whid Week - Anti War

posted at 20:54 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

T.Whid marching for peace.

permanent link to this post

MTAA at Cape Town’s AVA

posted at 15:42 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

We are showing onKawaraUpdate (v2) in “3C - Committee and Critics Choice” at the AVA in Cape Town South Africa from July 30 to August 17 2007.

Big thanks to Kathryn Smith for the show. permanent link to this post

Aug 05, 2007

T.Whid Week - Barney Opening

posted at 11:06 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

T.Whid’s first take on the show outside the mob scene of Barney’s DR9 opening.

permanent link to this post

Aug 04, 2007

T.Whid Week - Art Fairs

posted at 13:55 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Yes, once again T.Whid has foolishly gone off on vacation leaving the MTAA-RR for me to screw up. So, for the next 7 days, I’m going to post some of my favorite clips of T.Whid. I think of them as an ongoing set/ movie called “Hey, Tim”. To start off, here is Tim on art fairs. I hope you will enjoy them.

twhid adds… on vacation, but found an open wireless network at this little lake side cottage-ville in Ohio. w00t! permanent link to this post

Aug 03, 2007

Cory Arcangel is finalist for Lucelia Artist Award

posted at 15:21 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

This year marks the seventh Lucelia Artist Award, an annual award in which the Smithsonian American Art Museum recognizes an artist under age 50 for his or her contribution to contemporary art. Funded by the New York–based Lucelia Foundation, the $25,000 prize is awarded to the winner by a distinguished panel of five jurors, who also nominate the finalists.

via Eye Level — check it for other finalists!

Good luck Cory! permanent link to this post

the summer 07 lull report - part 2

posted at 00:13 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

tinjail’s jailhouse online cinema presents
the east coast west coast dance off
permanent link to this post

Jul 30, 2007


posted at 15:18 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Yes, it could be a fake, but Jenny on Twitter is a great mesh of a social network and art. (via AFC)

This, however, does not change my ambivalence about Twitter best summed up by Helen A.S. Popkin’s article Twitter Nation: Nobody cares what you’re doing. permanent link to this post

Jul 28, 2007

Port Huron Project in NYTimes

posted at 14:21 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Congrats to Mark and his great project for this coverage!

check it out: Giving New Life to Protests of Yore (NYT)

First few graphs:
WASHINGTON, July 26 — It’s not an unfamiliar tableau these days: people gathered on a grassy expanse of the National Mall here, listening to someone deliver an impassioned antiwar speech with phrases like “aggressive, activist foreign policy,” “the war we are creating,” “vigorous governmental efforts to control information” and “distorted or downright dishonest documents.” At some point, the crowd breaks into applause and a young woman yells out, “That’s right!”

She shouts this, however, just after the speaker behind the lectern refers to men with last names like Johnson, Rusk and Bundy and to the destinies of the Vietnamese people. And at its high point, the crowd numbers only about 30 people, many of them involved in videotaping, recording and photographing the event as flags snap majestically in the wind around the Washington Monument.

In other words, if you had wandered into this spectacle on Thursday evening, you would have found yourself not exactly in the midst of an actual protest but somewhere slightly removed, in the disorienting territory where art meets political engagement.

Paul Potter’s Speech (mp3)

The web site for the Port Huron Project permanent link to this post

Jul 26, 2007

Rhizome adds Creative Commons

posted at 23:36 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Press release follows…
Rhizome is proud to announce its integration of Creative Commons licenses into its online archive of art, the Artbase. As of today, artists have the option to license their work under Creative Commons Licenses. This suite of licenses allows creators to shift the terms of copyright from “All Rights Reserved” to “Some Rights Reserved,” therefore enabling authors, scientists, educators and artists, amongst others, to mark their creative works with the cultural freedoms they abide by. Rhizome’s hope is that through the use of these licenses, artists will have greater access to each others’ work in furtherance of their goals.

Rhizome would like to thank Wendy Seltzer, Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, for her guidance and Fred Benenson, Creative Commons Cultural Fellow and student at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, for his coordination of the project. “By implementing Creative Commons, Rhizome aligns itself with sites like, Flickr and Digg, who nurture not only a community of free creativity, but of free culture,” says Benenson. Lauren Cornell, Executive Director of Rhizome, adds that “It’s in the spirit of Rhizome to foster collaboration amongst artists. I’m happy that Rhizome is able to make these licenses available, and to support the practice of sharing cultural material within the arts.”

About Rhizome
Rhizome is an online platform for the global new media art community. Our programs support the creation, presentation, discussion and preservation of contemporary art that uses new technologies in significant ways.

About Creative Commons
Creative Commons is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 2001, that promotes the creative re-use of intellectual and artistic works—whether owned or in the public domain. Creative Commons licences provide a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors, artists, and educators that build upon the “all rights reserved” concept of traditional copyright to offer a voluntary “some rights reserved” approach.
permanent link to this post

The Summer 07 Lull Report - Part 1

posted at 13:49 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Yes, things are slow right now. This is the last weekend to see KDM100 and 25 Reasons at Postmasters. Please check it out.

Next up, on September 16, we will present new performance/ event called MTAA’s Super Slow 5 K. This is a leisurely 5k (3.11 mile) group artwork/ 5k race / 5 hour picnic around McCarren Park’s running track in Williamsburg Brooklyn. This work is part of Conflux 07. It should be a hoot. More details soon. permanent link to this post

MASS MoCA: Project Is Not Art

posted at 13:28 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

MASS MoCA is shooting itself in the foot face if they think artists are going to look kindly on these claims…

More alarming is MASS MoCA’s argument that they are the lawful owners of the materials which are the subject matter of this dispute, and thus allowed to display them publicly.

But this isn’t the end of this wonderful yarn of fiction. MASS MoCA further argues that Büchel’s work is not even art, but simply a compilation of materials which, if accepted by the Court, would not be granted protection under the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990 (VARA). If in fact the Court decides that VARA does apply, MASS MoCA argues that any modification to the “materials” which may have happened is allowed by VARA under the “conservation or placement” exception, and/or that the doctrine of “fair use” would allow MASS MoCA to display Büchel’s project without infringing the Copyright or VARA Acts.


background info here

(via Winkleman) permanent link to this post

Jul 19, 2007

Steam pipe explosion

posted at 14:16 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

If you’re like me you’re wondering why there are steam pipes running under New York City. As always, the tubes have all the answers.

I found this:
Some 30 billion pounds of steam every year flow beneath the streets of Manhattan from the Battery to 96th Street. While it is unknown to most New Yorkers, Con Edison’s subterranean steam system is the biggest steam district in the world. There are 7 plants in NYC — five in Manhattan and one each in Queens and Brooklyn. On a cold winter day, nearly 10 million pounds of steam at 350 degrees Fahrenheit flow each hour through 105 miles of underground mains. Steam is efficient and cost effective for high-rise buildings and most of it is used for heating and cooling.

The city’s infrastructure is old, with much of it being built 50 to 100 years ago. Just maintaining this system, which cracks and breaks every day, is a monumental task.

(Check out Coned’s info here and here too.)

Pretty straightforward, except — what? Cooling!? How the hell does steam cool a building? I can’t find any info so I suppose it will remain a mystery… permanent link to this post

Jul 18, 2007

In case you somehow missed it: James and Barry

posted at 19:51 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

James Wagner and Barry Hoggard are profiled in Brooklyn Rail this month.

Of course, as always, MTAA was way ahead of the curve (note: the date on the linked post is wrong, it was actually from June 13, 2005). permanent link to this post

Jul 14, 2007

another summer .mov

posted at 14:50 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

permanent link to this post

MTAA’s Portable First Solo Show Audio Tour & Extended Dance Mix

posted at 02:24 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

The true MTAA-headz (is there such a thing?) out there will appreciate this (I hope).

Back in January 2000 MTAA had a solo show at a small gallery on the Lower East Side called Walden. The place is long gone, but evidence of our show persists.

For the show we created an audio tour. MP3s of the audio tour have been offline for a while, but I decided to put them back online (unsure why they were offline in the first place). Anyway, here they are:

MTAA’s Portable First Solo Show Audio Tour & Extended Dance Mix.
(Note: each track name links to an MP3 audio file.)

Track 1: The MTAA Promise (it looked more or less like this (PDF))

Track 2: TIME!® @ PS1 aka The Big Blue Summer (this piece had to do with our TIME® project)

Track 3: DYHAP Museum Plan (this piece related to Direct To Your Home Art Projects)

Track 4: V-TAV: "Group Text" Hard Copy Version (check out the exhibition)

Track 5: Site Unseen Tracking Poster (a sculptural version of Website Unseen)

Track 6: 99 Steps to Contemporary Art in Your Bedroom (check out the 99 Steps online)

Bonus Extended Dance Mix: Empty You by Yab Yum (Johnny Gould & Chris Flam)


All the tracks were mixed by Cary Peppermint (working under the alias CP_V70), except the bonus track which was created by Yab Yum. permanent link to this post

Jul 13, 2007

New Media Art in the Daylight?

posted at 17:39 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Yup, it can happen. If you are in NYC this weekend, check out Solar One’s City Sol 07 located at 23street next to the East river featuring the Frontier Mythology installation by our palls Cary Peppermint + Christine Nadir (EcoArtTech)

Need more reasons to go?

I’ll have some pics from the Thurs night opening up soon.


EcoArtTech's Frontier Mythology at City Sol 07 permanent link to this post

Jul 10, 2007

summer movs

posted at 15:37 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

disco-nnect E4sy scr4t(hN’ fun permanent link to this post

Jul 08, 2007

iCommons Summit videos

posted at 17:49 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

iCommons iSummit07 - AiR panel - MTAA’s Tim Whidden

Last month MTAA participated in the iCommons Summit ‘07 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. I attended as MTAA’s representative and spoke on two panels (we also put an entire exhibition together while we were there).

Videos of the panels are online. You can download the QuickTime versions: The Artist-in-residence panel where all the artists spoke (83MB) and another panel (that was sort of strange and contentious) called Why Don’t Artists Use More Free Software (93MB).

There are also flash versions available via Vimeo:

Paddy Johnson (moderating),
Nathaniel Stern

MTAA’s Tim Whidden

Kathryn Smith

Jaka Zeleznikar

Joy Garnett

Ana Husman

Q&A permanent link to this post

Jul 06, 2007

at Eyebeam

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MTAA +RSG’s Gordon Matta-Clark Encryption Method (GMCEM)

In fall of 2002, RSG gathered 500 printed pages (1 ream) of data from MTAA using the Carnivore client installed at the Eyebeam’s studios. Each 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper was then torn in half and stacked in a plexi box permanent link to this post

at Postmasters

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There’s a slideshow of some of the work in Not Your Parents’ MTV on New York Magazine’s web site :-) Woohoo!

M.River took the snaps below, there’s more at his Tintype blog

Karaoke DeathMatch 100 (2007, video, software, web site, computers, benches, desk)

25 reasons (4'33")
25 Concrete Examples Why John Cage Is Not Our Father (2001, DVD-Video loop) permanent link to this post

Jul 05, 2007

Eyebeam featured on Channel 10

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Channel 10 is Microsoft’s videoblog, billing itself as:
[…] a place for enthusiasts with a passion for technology. Through a world-wide network of contributors, Channel 10 covers the latest news in music, mobility, photography, videography, gaming, and new PC hardware and software.

They also happen to cover a lot of MS technology… imagine that?

Today they’re covering our friends at Eyebeam.

Check it out… (you can download the interview in a variety of formats at their site). permanent link to this post

new summer .movs

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2 new slooooooooo loadin browser crashin summer .movs at

garden and fun permanent link to this post

Jun 30, 2007

Kimmelman on The Splasher(s)

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Until the pranks turned ugly, it was heartening to follow the dust-up between a bunch of street artists and their nemesis or nemeses, identity unknown. As The New York Times reported this week, for some time works of stenciled graffiti art and wheat-pasted posters slapped onto walls in Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan have been splashed with paint and scrawled with messages of protest.

Splashing the Art World With Anger and Questions permanent link to this post

Jun 29, 2007

The Amateur’s hour

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By undermining mainstream media and intellectual property rights, he says, it is creating a world in which we will “live to see the bulk of our music coming from amateur garage bands, our movies and television from glorified YouTubes, and our news made up of hyperactive celebrity gossip, served up as mere dressing for advertising.” This is what happens, he suggests, “when ignorance meets egoism meets bad taste meets mob rule.”

NYT Review “The Cult of the Amateur”

I love garage bands. I feel that some of the best American music, blues, jazz, hip-hop, punk, flows from some “amateurs” sitting around in a garage/shack/public housing party/ dive bar making and sharing music. The net is making the “garage/shack/public housing party/ dive bar” larger. Here is to the unwashed. permanent link to this post

Jun 26, 2007

Mumford’s better

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There’s another "embedded artist" out there in the world documenting wars the old fashioned way. The differences between Richard Johnson and Steve Mumford? Johnson is Canadian, he’s in Afghanistan and he sucks.

All right, he doesn’t suck (I was just being a dick). But his drawings look much less inspired to my eye than Mumford’s. Johnson’s stuff looks overly illustrative and picky. In short, his drawings lack the confidence of Mumford’s field sketches.

via Boing Boing permanent link to this post

Shortlisted by NYMag

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MTAA is honored to be taking part in Postmasters summer group show "Not Your Parents’ MTV: Music Videos From Hell" and New York Magazine seems to think it’s a damn good idea as the show has been added to their arts shortlist!

NYMag’s blurb on KDM100 makes me chuckle:
An eight-hour, booze-fueled karaoke face-off. In other words, Saturday night in Chinatown.

Even if you’ve enjoyed been tortured by the web version, come to the show (opening 6/28 6-8PM) and check out the installation which includes a pumpin’ sound system, potted plants, bamboo benches and a custom-made net art viewing desk. permanent link to this post

Jun 22, 2007

Not Your Parents’ MTV

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click for larger image

We have two pieces in this show opening next week at Postmasters! Note: the opening is JUNE 28, 6-8PM (it was misprinted on the postcard).

We’ll be showing ‘gallery versions’ of Karaoke DeathMatch 100 and 25 Concrete Examples Why John Cage Is Not Our Father.

More below:
Postmasters Gallery is pleased to present our final, not to be missed, show of this season:

Not Your Parents’ MTV: Music Videos from Hell

June 28 - July 28, 2007
opening reception Thursday, June 28 6-8 pm

- a group exhibition featuring unorthodox music videos and related projects by the following artists:

I’m a Slave 4U
The Super N Word

Because Washington is Hollywood for Ugly People

Diva Reincarnation

Shotgun Piano

Abe and Mo Sing the Blogs

Karaoke Death Match 100
25 Concrete Examples Why John Cage Is Not Our Father
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Kimchi alert system!

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This is great! Hope this system makes it to K-town here in NYC because I like my kimchi hot!

Under the measure, kimchi will be labeled as mild, slightly hot, moderately hot, very hot or extremely hot to indicate spiciness. The index is based on the amount of capsaicin and other substances contained in the chili peppers added to the cabbage to make kimchi.

via BuzzFeed permanent link to this post

your future leader and or myspace pal

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“When do you hang with an old dude online? When he’s running for office!”

MTAA’s fav avatar/ netiquette journalist rates the presidential candidates myspace profiles.

Ha ha…

Third Party candidates
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AIOTD – MTAA Self Portrait as Black Bears

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In a dream last night, I went to an opening as a black bear. I spent most of the opening sitting on the floor drinking a beer. I swear if MTAA ever has a solo show again, I will make this dream come true
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Commons Art Diagram
2007, digital image
The Art Happens Here, as part of iCommons Summit '07, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Commons Art Diagram is a digital image that illustrates where the ‘art happens’ or the ‘art could happen’ within the alternate sharing economy.

read more »

permanent link to this post

Jun 19, 2007

Artificial legal add-ons to art

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MTAA have been supporters of Creative Commons since the project was launched. When we can, we release versions of art works with CC licenses and our web sites (both and have CC licenses attached to them. Our digital image ‘Manual Zoom Mirage’ was released under a BY-NC-SA 1.0 license way back in ‘03 (just a few months after the initial license releases according to Wikipedia). And our Simple Net Art Diagram has had various versions of licenses attached to it until we settled on the Attribution 2.5 license.

I say all this to establish MTAA’s street cred when it comes to artists engaging with the ideas that Creative Commons embodies. Also to contextualize where I’m coming from when I try to point out the deficiencies that CC may have for fine artists or how I think most artists of this ilk will respond to CC. Which brings me to this article by Paddy Johnson: Defining Moments at the Artist in Residence Panel. She describes the iCommons Summit 07 artists in residence panel, I’m interested in this part…

[…] according to [T.Whid], no work of art is made better for having a CC license applied to it. Now, this point is clearly debatable, and having observed just yesterday that I liked his work On Kawara Update better for the license I tend to think there are exceptions to this statement, as did a member of the audience who cited the same work. That said, I still suspect most artists would generally agree with his statement.

…in order to clarify my point.

An art work’s meaning will be changed by context. Making a work available via a CC license may change or augment the context of a work thereby changing its meaning somewhat to some viewers (make it better or worse). My point is that the vast majority of viewers of an art work will not notice this contextual shift — they have no idea what sort of copyright laws are being applied to a particular art work. Many of those that do notice will simply disregard it and focus on the traditional measures of an art work’s worth: the form, content, subject, etc. In some cases, drawing a viewer’s attention to the licensing aspect of a work of art may confuse the viewer — making their experience worse.

I personally would never measure a particular work’s value by its license — it wouldn’t even go into the mix. To me (unless the CC license is part of the content of the work) it’s simply a sort of artificial add-on. If I like an art work on its own merit and then notice it’s CC-licensed, I will think the artist is enlightened, but that’s just my opinion of the artist and not the work.

Think of one of your favorite art works. Do you know its license? Do you just assume copyright has been applied? Would you really think it was more [beautiful, intelligent, engaging, enthralling, etc] if the license changed?

Just as I posted this I thought I should explain what I mean by ‘artificial.’ Simply put, artificial in this context means something added on by outside influence and may or may not have any meaning or value vis-a-vis what the artist was trying to communicate in the art work. Some artists simply don’t care about copyright, etc but legal structures force these concepts onto their work anyway.

update 2
Rob Myers has a response. permanent link to this post

Jun 18, 2007


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AFC’s review of the Art Happens Here exhibition

permanent link to this post

Jun 17, 2007

onKawaraUpdate (v2)

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MTAA has released a new net art project entitled onKawaraUpdate (v2).

This piece updates and automates the process-oriented nature of On Kawara’s date paintings. The artist’s labor is essential to process-oriented art. What happens when that labor is removed?

If the web site is visited by anyone on a particular day, a date page is created. If no one visits on a particular day, no date page is created.

It is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL. (Download the source code.) permanent link to this post

Jun 16, 2007

MTAA – weekend posting note

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With T.Whid at the iSummit in Croatia and me Camping at Watch Hill, MTAA is totally out of the office this weekend. It’s summer. Go outside. Last one off the net, please turn off the lights. permanent link to this post

Pix of opening in Croatia

posted at 09:18 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Joy Garnett has uploaded a Flickr set of the “The Art Happens Here” at the iCommons Summit ‘07 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

photo by Joy Garnett

Check out the photos permanent link to this post

Jun 15, 2007

Hunting for that ship

posted at 18:07 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Here is my CC art story of a project that seems to be somehow cursed.

The ship that I have been using for the project came from an image Joy tossed into the iCommonsair Pool Joy had been posting images of old ships from Croatia. I think she was considering using some of the images for an artwork. Last night, after posting the last image for my project, as I sat in bed, I thought “I bet that ship is not old and I bet it has a copyright on it…shit.

Here is the ship’s trail. The image was taken from Cao Fei’s blog Cao Fei is one of the iCommons Artist in Residence. Cao Fei seem to have got it from the Cape Farewell Project “Art and Climate Change” who picked it up from an artist named David Buckland

“David Buckland is a designer, artist and film-maker whose lens-based works have been exhibited in numerous galleries in London, Paris and New York and collected by the National Portrait Gallery, London, the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, the Metropolitan Museum, New York and the Getty Collection, Los Angeles amongst others.”

more of his bio here

So now, I’m going to email David Buckland to see if I can use his image for non-commercial project. This is, in the end, what CC is all about. Not doing what I’m doing.

I’ll update if I hear from him. permanent link to this post

10 iCSAFGM images

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I finished up my 10 iCSAFGM images last night and tossed a CC license on them via Flicker. You can see the set at Tintype. I still need to do a bit of research on the ship image I picked up from Joy but in general and place some credits on, but it’s almost done.

update: they can alos be found on flickr tagged icsafgm permanent link to this post

Jun 14, 2007


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As I’ve been making new photoshoped images from the commons Summit AiR Flickr group (iCSAFGM), I have been using the “C” of the creative commons license “CC” as a design element. I have also used mirroring as a element. In my mind, when we use images or content from another source we do not reproduce it but renders it in a new way, much like a mirror reflexes back an image but also changes the image.

So, as part of this project, I’ve been flipping the “C” around and doubling it within the images. Tim sent me an email this morning with a strange fact.

“According to the Croats here… the 4 Cs all pointing outward… is a symbol of greater Serbia and is a bit of a local swastika since the serbs attacked Croatia during the Balkan war.”

“It’s not an exact duplicate of the symbol but was close enough that a local artist was kinda freaked to see it… should we delete it from the blog?”

So, I cut two images off the blog. I send my best thoughts of peace and respect to the city of Dubrovnik.

As for the project, I’ll put some more up tonight (sans 4 Cs). I might move the project over to my photo blog ( to give it more space. I’d like to get a good set of 10 done before Firday. permanent link to this post


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boat4 permanent link to this post

Jun 13, 2007


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ccdeck permanent link to this post

Jun 12, 2007


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airport permanent link to this post

Jun 11, 2007

iCommons Summit AiR Flickr group mixr (iCSAFGM)

posted at 23:41 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver


So, I’ve been thinking. As I’m stuck in New York at work, how can I add anything to the iCommons Summit? Answer - a bad photo shopped jpegs mix project taken from the iCommons AiR Flickr group. Ummmmm…rad. If ya want to toss one in as well, send a link. permanent link to this post

iCommons Summit AiR Flickr group

posted at 09:34 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

If you’re interested in following the action in Dubrovnik for the iCommons Summit 07 AiR program check out these photos!

Go to the iCommons AiR Flickr group. We should be updating it often over the course of the summit (until June 17) :-) permanent link to this post



boat for Joy

Jun 10, 2007


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Dubrovnik, Croatia

twhid update

snapshot from my room’s terrace… gorgeous! click for a larger image permanent link to this post

Jun 08, 2007

Where is T.Whid

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After a crushing defeat in the Karaoke Death Match 100, T.Whid has fled the country to represent MTAA at the iCommons Summit 07 June 15 to June 17 in Dubrovnik, Croatia

As well as participating in the summit, MTAA and a group of fellow artist will be mounting an exhibition in Dubrovnik and in Second Life. More details soon.

Yes, some artist will be going to Venice , Münster or Basel this summer to show art to the artworld. MTAA will be in Dubrovnik trying, in some small way, to change the way the artworld works.

Also. Tim made this Simple CC Diagram that explains it all. Sounds like we will have some t-shirst made for the show. permanent link to this post

Jun 04, 2007

M.River wins KDM100 Champion!

posted at 13:27 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

The impossible has come to pass with M.River winning the highly coveted (by me) title of Karaoke DeathMatch 100 Champion. By visiting the previous link, you can view the victory and defeat songs and comment if you like.

It was a rough and grueling championship consisting of 50 rounds of karaoke done over one day while the competitors got progressively more drunk. It was an endurance competition and M.River seems to have endured better over the long haul.

M.River’s victory speech consisted entirely of the following: “Blow me Tim. I won. Fuck you, ha!”

There will be no rematch (unless, perhaps, we can get funding for it).

M.River update:

Although, as Tim points out on the MTAA-RR blog today, my short, sweet and to the point victory speech goes down on record as “Blow me Tim. I won. Fuck you, ha!” I would have rather it been one of these 2 quotes from the fighting wordsmith Muhammad Ali

“Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even.”


“If you even dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologize.”

It kinda work both ways. Actually, good job and well played Tim. No rematch.

Also, again big thanks to all who voted and posted. You are the true KDM100 champs. permanent link to this post

Jun 03, 2007


posted at 13:19 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid


With one round to go the score is:

M.River: 24 | T.Whid: 23 | Ties: 2

The only thing I can do is tie it up :(

M.River sucks and doesn’t deserve to win, but a tie would be worse. If we tied, we might need to do this again! That’s not going to happen.

Anyway… this is the last day to vote, so get on over there. You can always visit the archives too. permanent link to this post

Jun 01, 2007

more on the GMCEM

posted at 18:43 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Photo of the GMCEM as it was installed at Eyebeam. permanent link to this post

May 31, 2007

Bill Shackelford’s Blogged

posted at 17:48 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid


“Blogged” is an interactive installation artwork and one day net event dealing with the concept of being ‘blogged’. It attempts to pop 6 feet in diameter red balloon by using traffic from blogs linking to this page.

Go today if you want to pop his balloon :-) permanent link to this post

May 30, 2007

BBurg news — Galapagos moving

posted at 13:52 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Holy shit! moving to DUMBO… and I had to read it in the NYTimes :(

I haven’t been inside Galapagos for years. But this is still big news to me as it represents what I consider the ‘old days’ of Williamsburg.

Galapagos grew directly out of the roving rave/art/performance warehouse parties of Williamsburg’s glory years as an artists’ bastion in the early to mid 90s. It was started by Robert Elmes to be a legit version of Mustard, which was an illegal art/exhibition space that he helped run out the Old Dutch Mustard factory on Metropolitan Ave. Mustard itself grew out of a huge warehouse art party/rave at the factory called Organism.

What is Galapagos going to do without its moat? I hope there are plans for a new moat. permanent link to this post

May 29, 2007

Source Code: Programming Eyebeam Style

posted at 17:55 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Adding to this post.

Here’s the lowdown on “Source Code” opening this thursday at Eyebeam:

The first in a series of three retrospective exhibitions celebrating Eyebeam’s contributions to the art and tech field

Eyebeam is pleased to announce a special exhibition of 14 projects from 10 years of residencies, fellowships and commissions in Eyebeam’s labs. The pieces featured have developed since their life at Eyebeam and/or will be reactivated with events, performances, and workshops demonstrating and sharing the process of their creation.


The noteworthy lineup of artists, technologists, hackers and programmers in Source Code demonstrates diverse and vibrant genres of creative exploration that defy easy categorization. The artists and collectives participating in the exhibition are: Cory Arcangel, Carrie Dashow, eteam, Nina Katchadourian, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, MediaShed, neuroTransmitter, Steve Lambert, Alex Galloway and artists using Galloway’s Carnivore client — a surveillance tool for data network that serves that data to various creative interfaces called “clients” to make their work: Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Golan Levin, MTAA and Mark Napier.

More at ArtCal permanent link to this post

RSG + MTAA’s GMCEM (2002)

posted at 12:52 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

I went over to Eyebeam on Monday to install GMCEM as part of RSG’s Carnivore section of the 10 Year Anniversary show (part 1 of 3). Looks like it will be a good show. Sounds like it opens on Thursday.

The Gordon Matta-Clark Encryption Method (GMCEM)

In fall of 2002, RSG gathered 500 printed pages (1 ream) of data from MTAA using the Carnivore client installed at the Eyebeam’s studios. Each 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper was then encrypted by tearing each sheet of paper in half and then sealing the two stacks within a plexi glass display. This lo-fi data encryption attempts to fuse the minimal aesthetics of Gordon Matta-Clark’s cut paper stacks from the 70’s with Patriot Act surveillance of the early 00’s.

Here is a photo of the top of the GMCEM on the studio floor. I hope to get a good install shot when the show opens. permanent link to this post

May 25, 2007

Slideshow of Napier’s work on

posted at 02:17 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Cool :-) Net Artist’s Power Shift permanent link to this post

May 24, 2007

KDM100 hits 40!

posted at 13:53 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Who knew we could make it this far?

The Karaoke DeathMatch 100 is in it’s 40th round! Only 10 more days to experience the horror that is KDM100!

Go there now. Vote T.Whid. permanent link to this post

May 23, 2007

idol art

posted at 18:13 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

First came Marisa Olson , now Sanjaya is a AI performance artist.

(Yeah…I do not know if this is “real” or not)

In other bad Karaoke performance art news… you can still vote M.River, in round 39 of the KDM100. I’m doing Marilyn Monroe doing Happy Birthday.

Please. permanent link to this post

Elahi on Wired

posted at 15:12 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Check it out…

Hasan Elahi is a Creative Capital 2006 grantee and we met him at the art camp last summer. Not only is his project fascinating, but he’s a great guy (not like I thought a terrorist would be at all).

From the article:
Elahi’s site is the perfect alibi. Or an audacious art project. Or both. The Bangladeshi-born American says the US government mistakenly listed him on its terrorist watch list — and once you’re on, it’s hard to get off. To convince the Feds of his innocence, Elahi has made his life an open book. Whenever they want, officials can go to his site and see where he is and what he’s doing. Indeed, his server logs show hits from the Pentagon, the Secretary of Defense, and the Executive Office of the President, among others.
permanent link to this post

May 22, 2007

Let’s call our fuck up ‘art’

posted at 13:48 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

But there is a catch, one that seems in keeping with the surreal nature of the artwork itself. Because of concerns about legal action by Mr. Buchel, the museum will shield all the huge objects in the warehouse from view with tall plastic tarps, as if Christo and Jeanne-Claude had intervened at the last minute. Viewers will be allowed to wend their way through the cavernous hall but they will have to rely on their imaginations, mostly, to appreciate the show.

From NYT: The Show Will Go On, but the Art Will Be Shielded

In a nutshell: artist and museum couldn’t get along so the museum (MASS MoCA) decides to open the show anyway, but cover all the objects.

The decision is intended as an artistic and provocative solution to a difficult situation […]

Please. It’s a total cover your ass move. The museum painted themselves into a corner and then decided to call it a performance.

This is just the pathetic apogee of the curator-as-artist ‘movement’ that I’ve been unhappy to notice over the past few years. The curator-as-artist thing is simply an abuse of institutional power.

Hmmmmm. The more I think about this, the more ambivalent I become. It doesn’t seem like a total scope of the project was decided on in the beginning. To me, that would be negligence on the museum’s part. Working with artists requires some flexibility, but to have a huge airplane fuselage foisted on you at the last minute seems to go beyond mere flexibility. To not have known about that before the project started seems unbelievable to me.

Of course, if it is some elaborate prank on the institution, I give it a thumbs up :) permanent link to this post

May 17, 2007

Drunken Pirate Photos…

posted at 16:34 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

or Why the KDM100 Will Come Back to Haunt Us

MTAA’s fav netiquette guru, Helen A.S. Popkin, advises us today to “cap Myspace in the back of the head…”

Will do.

twhid adds: Just for the hell of it… Help! we’re being held hostage by a chinese web site!

Via Google translation:
Year, they are in front of the camera. […] They are not actors, the only real show for his life in the cabin. […] Never left our sight. […] Who are they? Why sacrificed privacy 24H watch from being the world?
permanent link to this post

Nano Corp. as MTAA

posted at 12:20 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

More on Being MTAA, just for a day from nano_CORPORATION

twhid adds: Those photos are great! LOL. I was confused at first — couldn’t find the photos — the nano_Corp’s photos are here. permanent link to this post

May 13, 2007

A short review of T.Whid’s Hey Joe on KDM100

posted at 13:04 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Today, you have a rare opportunity to see M.River and I go head-to-head with the same song on KDM100

[..] this just gets better & better, & we should be grateful for the scientific precision afforded us here by the simultaneous rendtion of the same song.

T.Whid had it for me, but only by a whisker.

I did love M River’s upstaging hand jive & the advanced catatonia/maddened elephant polarity which seems to get more marked, the more alchohol consumed. The same circumstance, as AnnieA observes, makes T Whid kind of puppy doggish, but of course a puppy dog who has stared straight into the heart of darkness & lived to tell the tale.

Oh & don’t get me started on timing/phrasing: - people would kill for what T Whid is doing here…it’s like we have been hard wired into his soul. Splendid. Splendid & uplifting.
M.River update: I lost 5 to 6? Robbed! permanent link to this post

May 11, 2007

New Baghdad Journal

posted at 20:27 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Steve Mumford is back from Iraq (thankfully) and has posted a new installment of his Baghdad Journal on

The new piece describes getting back to Iraq via Kuwait and introduces us to some of the interesting characters (journalists and bloggers) that he meets along the way. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the very black humor of Caleb Schaber:

[…] a very tattooed blogger, artist, musician and bartender who once ran for mayor of Seattle and writes for something called the Northern Nevada Newswire. He shows off his latest tattoo: a dotted line around his neck, with the inscription “cut here” (also in Arabic, helpfully, on the back) […]

I saw Steve a few weeks ago at Postmasters and he told me he had been embedded at the 86th Combat Support Hospital (AKA the Baghdad ER). I’m assuming in his future installments we’ll read and see more of that. permanent link to this post

May 09, 2007

KDM100 — halfway home

posted at 13:22 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid


Today, the 25th round of MTAA’s Karaoke DeathMatch 100 went live!

After almost 4 weeks of warbling, shouting, shrieking, wailing, whispering, screaming, screeching, whooping, bellowing, braying, yawping and yelping the score is T.Whid: 12 and M.River: 11 with 1 tie.

We mark this inauspicious occasion with M.River performing Sweet Dreams and T.Whid performing We Got The Beat.

If you haven’t been listening everyday, we understand. But you should vote everyday! permanent link to this post

May 05, 2007

Commons Art Diagram

posted at 21:56 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

MTAA is releasing a new ‘art diagram’ today.


Introducing the Commons Art Diagram!

Download: (1.5MB)
This package contains the diagram in these formats: .ai, .pdf, .eps, .svg, .gif, hi-res .jpg and hi-res .png.


This new art diagram illustrates how different forms of creativity — on being funneled through the CC process — arrive at the place where the ‘art happens.’

This diagram is the second in a series of “art diagrams” that MTAA began with the Simple Net Art Diagram.

We hope to distribute this diagram at the iCommons Summmit in June ‘07 :-)

We were very successful distributing the image at the iCommons Summit. The image was reproduced on t-shirts, bags and stickers and was basically impossible not to see everywhere you looked! permanent link to this post

AFC interviews MTAA for iCommons

posted at 16:13 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Check it out…

Art Intercom is a six part series conducted by Art Fag City blogger Paddy Johnson, who will be interviewing the iCommons Summit Artists in Residence. In the weeks leading up to the conference, interviews will be posted once weekly, profiling the artists’ work and describing their approach to Creative Commons licensing. Artists to be interviewed include Ana Husman, Jaka Železnikar, Joy Garnett, Kathryn Smith, Nathaniel Stern and this weeks interviewees, Mike Sarff and Tim Whidden (who go by the names M.River and T.Whid), of MTAA. Tim will be representing MTAA as one of the Artists in Residence at the iSummit in Dubrovnik.

Part 2 is now live. Check it out… permanent link to this post

KDM100 current score

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For those keeping score at home…

The ‘current score’ section of the KDM100 has reflected the current winner of the round — even for rounds that are still open to votes. I changed that today.

Now, when the ‘current score’ is calculated, the current round isn’t counted. This makes more sense to me as there is no winner of a round unless the voting is over. permanent link to this post

May 04, 2007

Various Creative Commons matters

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Obama calls for debates to be licensed under Creative Commons. He wants either public domain or the Attribution license to be applied. Rock on Obama!

Creative Commons and iCommons need support for their scholarship program. MTAA is one of the artists-in-residence at the iCommons Summit this year. permanent link to this post

What am I doing right now?

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Posting about Popkin on Twitter

twhid adds: hahahahaha permanent link to this post

May 03, 2007

Artkrush #57

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Ed Winkleman reminds me that I should link to Artkrush because our little effort here is included in their list of art blogs (we’re in the new media category).

So check out their feature on art blogs! It includes VVORK and Art Fag City. ‘Nuff said. permanent link to this post

Goddamn motherfucking stormtroopers

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We love LA.

Land of the free!

Olbermann permanent link to this post

Rick Silva’s Rough Mix

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Just want to hook Rick up with a link to his new video project: A Rough Mix. permanent link to this post

May 02, 2007

Digg revolt

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This is pretty interesting. Digg users have staged a rebellion of sorts over the deletion of stories and comments that contained the 16-digit hexadecimal number that is used to lock HD-DVD movies. For the record, here’s the illegal number: 09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0. is a social news site founded by Kevin Rose. He finally capitulated to his users demands proving that web 2.0 can bite small smart companies in the ass just as easy as big lumbering companies. permanent link to this post

Apr 29, 2007

John Cage has a secret

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cage.jpg Here’s John Cage performing Water Walk in January, 1960 on the popular TV show I’ve Got A Secret.

via Rhizome permanent link to this post

Apr 28, 2007

KDM100 @

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by bohaganjr to art karaoke video

by somebaudy to karaoke deathmatch art audio image movie quicktime video

by rimapra to vlog_art

by lafundicio to art karaoke drinking drunk

by harloholmes to admirable hotttt audio image internets art?

by cory_arcangel to art karaoke movie quicktime video

by mccoyspace to art video netart karaoke mtaa

by mjh to karaoke quicktime video movie

by 53os to netart art

by barryhoggard to art netart

by m.river to mtaa netart07

by twhid to mtaa karaoke netart net_art_07 art
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Apr 27, 2007

KDM100 on Rhizome News

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Thanks Rhizome!

Link to the news item and below…
Karaoke Or Die
Have you already subscribed to the video feeds of ‘Karaoke Deathmatch 100’? If not, do it now, as you don’t know what you are missing. ‘Karaoke Deathmatch 100’ is perhaps the most significant project ever from MTAA (artists M. River and T. Whid). Well-regarded within the new media community for works such as ‘1 year performance video (aka Sam Hsieh Update),’ it is with ‘Karaoke Deathmatch 100’ that they reach an audience beyond this field. Unfolding over 50 days, the ‘Karaoke Deathmatch 100’ features both artists in an ‘alcohol-fueled blood feud […] 50 rounds of sing-along fury,’ to use their own words. Taped live over an 8-hour period, these sessions are screened everyday at midnight (New York time). One sees both artists—one singing, the other seated in the back of the studio—both in front of typically cheesy karaoke videos. Viewers can post comments on the performances and vote on the best performer. T. Whid won the first round (with 21 votes) after singing Guns N’ Roses’ Welcome To The Jungle. One reader commented, ‘It’s like American Idol, only different. I feel like my vote counts here.’ Another noted, ‘You suck and so does Guns N’ Roses.’ The current score is tied at M. River: 6/T. Whid: 6, but the contest is just beginning. The artists, themselves, beg the question,’Who will emerge victorious?,’ decrying, ‘Only YOU can decide.’ So don’t miss any other face-off. Log-on today and participate in ‘the most brutal performance art smack down of the new millennium.’

- Miguel Amado

Don’t forget to visit KDM100 daily and vote for T.Whid! permanent link to this post


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Marisa Olson organized this event coming up this weekend FYI…
I’ve organized a conference for my grad students, which is taking place this Saturday, in Williamsburg. These are some of the best students I’ve ever taught and this is certainly the best class ever. In a word, it’s been *legendary* and this conference will be a fun, provocative way to end the semester. It’s my hope that you can join us to participate in lively discussions, offer feedback on artists’ works in progress, and perhaps consume a few bagels and coffees.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Presentations on the theory & practice of tactical media and contemporary protest art, by graduate students in the ITP program at NYU’s Tisch School of the arts.

The presenters’ talks will be grouped into three panels, to be moderated by their Professor, Marisa Olson (Editor & Curator, Rhizome), on the topics of Play & Consumption; Fear, Spectacle, and the Media; and the Interfaces and Architecture of Control. These panels will consist of both artist talks and analytical essays and audience members will be invited to give feedback on a few works in progress.

The Change You want to See Gallery
84 Havemeyer @ Metropolitan, Brooklyn, NY 11211
L to Bedford o Lorimer, G to Metropolitan, J/M/Z to Marcy

Hours: 12-5 pm, Saturday, April 28, 2007
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Apr 23, 2007

KDM100 on Rocketboom today

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The ground-breaking videoblog Rocketboom gave a shout-out to the KDM100 in today’s show (Apr 23, 2007).

Check it out…

Thanks to Andrew, Joanne and everybody else at Rocketboom for the hook-up!

M.River adds - also thanks to Kenyatta. My next song going out to you and the rest of the RB folks. permanent link to this post

Timex Sinclair 1000

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Slashdot reminds us that it’s the 25th anniversary of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Ah. Good days. My first computer was the Timex Sinclair 1000, the US version of the UK Sinclair.

From Wikipedia:
The TS1000 sold for $99.95 in the US when it debuted, making it the cheapest home computer to date at the time of its launch. The black and white display showed 32 columns and 24 lines (22 of which were normally accessible for display and 2 reserved for data entry and error messages). The limited graphics were based on geometric shapes contained within the operating system’s non-ASCII character set. The only form of long-term storage was to plug into an often unreliable home tape cassette recorder.

Good times! permanent link to this post

Apr 22, 2007

On KDM100 [part 1]

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MTAA’s Karaoke DeathMatch 100 has been live on the web for about a week. As the project progresses I thought I would do a post now and then discussing how I think it’s going and my thoughts on the project.

As with any creative project, the creator doesn’t truly understand it until it’s released to the public.


Contemporary karaoke has been debased. The point of karaoke isn’t to entertain strangers with talented renditions of popular songs. It’s point is to entertain your friends with drunken and humiliating destructions of popular songs. Karaoke is best experienced in a private room with close friends who are all completely and totally wasted. Each takes their turn destroying a song with their drunken, fervent attempts at entertainment.

This is Karaoke DeathMatch 100. The web, in general, and net art specifically are MTAA’s best friends. We want to entertain you World Wide Web. We’ll entertain you by humiliating ourselves in drunken buffoonery like good friends should. But, if you deserve this gesture of friendship you have obligations. Art obligations. One or two or even three rounds of drunken, ear-piercing foolishness isn’t enough. You need to commit World Wide Web. This is pop endurance performance art. You need to endure this performance just as much as MTAA if we’re going to have some art happen here.

It’s up to you World Wide Web. Like 1YPV, this thing only works if you’re there for us. We’re there for you. You must watch every day. You must vote every day. If you do, the art WILL happen. If you don’t, the art won’t happen. It’s simple really. permanent link to this post

Apr 21, 2007

MTAA action figures

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For MTAA’s 10th anniversary our friend Bill Hallinan created these amazing MTAA action figures! This has completely blown our minds :-)

The two action figures (in the collector’s packaging) on the wall of our studio (click for a larger image).

Below are small JPEGs of the packaging. Click each one to see a larger, more detailed image. What kills me is the action figures in the playsets hahahahah.





Thanks again Bill! This is one of the coolest presents ever!

M.River adds - When I opened it, I was awe struck. Best gift ever. Thanks B n’D. Now I want to make .5 scale MTAAs now for a show. permanent link to this post

Apr 19, 2007

Re-Staging, Re-Enactment, Remix and Mimetics

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G.H. Hovagimyan has a new post over at about re-stagings of artworks called Re-Staging, Re-Enactment, Remix and Mimetics.
What is apparent is that none of these artists are doing exact copies of the works they are referencing. They are however playing with the signature style and brand names in varying degrees. The discussion is not however a blatant crowbar tactic of prying out and smashing property rights. It is an understanding that intellectual property has different degrees of meaning and use. While Tribes’ Port Huron project seems to be a desire to get at the emotional heart of a signifier, Kulik’s re-staging of the Beuys work is an escalation. In Kulik’s piece the animal and the human combine. MTAA seems to be researching the banal in Conceptual Art, updating it and presenting it on the networks as a pointer to the earlier works and yet the meaning is lost in a language game. Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley are doing what can only be called remixing by taking Acconci and porno and mixing them together.
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bold face names

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Rhiz party in AFD
Good lord everyone looks cute.

twhid adds…
Damn! Missed the society pages AGAIN! Gar! permanent link to this post

Apr 18, 2007

Best MTAA review EVAH!

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DVBlog reviews KDM100 and I love it!
From the bastard progeny of Marcel Duchamp & the Marx Brothers, the splendid & singular MTAA, comes Karaoke Death Match 100.


It’s great stuff & clearly one to follow closely — we’ll be returning to them here ‘ere close of play in 50 days. Just want to sneak in, though, that actually I found this quite ahem…er… moving: — the sheer effort invoked in the act of singing; T.Whid’s strange shambling captive bear dance & M River’s weird but somehow totally appropriate sudden & violent changes of dynamics. A bit like Bas Jan Ader falling over, there’s something more here than originally meets the eye & ear, & it’s a lot human & a bit wonderful.

(This was in reference to round 2 of KDM100.)

Go to DVBlog now! permanent link to this post

Apr 17, 2007

The LOT-EK lean

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LOT-EK’s design for 87 Lafayette (just below Canal St.) is NUTS!


via Curbed (lots more renderings and other info so go there). permanent link to this post


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New audio by Cary Peppermint, check it out…

seven audio works .mp3 - Cary Peppermint 2007

The audio works of TRACEPLACESPACE were formed loosely in response to ever-accelerating technological developments, passing time, urgent ecological issues, and remarkable events of our globally connected system in process long before but brought to the forefront since the latter part of the year 2001. The works of TRACEPLACESPACE are components of a digital, multi-media, network-infused performance of the same title.

I like to perform this work in small community venues, outdoor gatherings, art-spaces, and galleries where everyone is welcome and can sit on the floor, talk to one another, and drink green tea. However I will perform TRACEPLACESPACE approximately anywhere.

1. curse go back.mp3 - 5.4mb : a utopian template
2. uncanny situation.mp3 - 10.1mb : for Jean Baudrillard, 1929 - 2007
3. mary gone deep.mp3 - 6.4mb : because “we cannot fall out of the world”
4. unreasonable things.mp3 - 3.7mb : democracy containment
5. technics and time.mp3 - 7mb : let it take you as far as you can ride it
6. big.mp3 - 4.2mb : exciting times / exciting life
7. six years.mp3 - 7.8mb : …the dematerialization of… - Lucy Lippard
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Apr 15, 2007

MTAA’s Karaoke DeathMatch 100 UNLEASHED!

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kdm100 jpg

Karaoke DeathMatch 100 (AKA KDM100)

New rounds daily from April 15 2007 - June 4, 2007!

Artist collaborative M.River & T.Whid Art Associates face off in the most brutal performance art smack down of the new millennium…Karaoke Deathmatch 100! This alcohol-fueled blood feud features 50 rounds of sing-along fury (taped live over an 8-hour period with hardly any pee breaks). No Carpenters hit too cheesy, no heavy metal lyric too trite for these teleprompter warriors to hurl in a battle to the end. Who will emerge victorious? Only YOU can decide.

MTAA’s Karaoke DeathMatch 100 is a video blog performance that takes place over 50 days starting April 15th, 2007 and ending June 4th, 2007. Each day, a new round is posted pitting M.River & T.Whid against each other in drunken karaoke competition. Visit the web site daily to view the sets of videos, vote for your favorite and discuss the artists’ performances. At the end of the competition, the votes will decide who is the Karaoke DeathMatch 100 Champion.

The web version of KDM100 is an official selection of Visual 07. 7º Festival De Creación Audiovisual Ciudad De Majadahonda. The gallery version of KDM100 premiered at the Leonart ‘05 art festival in Leonding, Austria.

KDM100 was shot in May 2005 over 8 hours.

video production:
Bill Hallinan, Andre Sala and George Su

web production:
MTAA; developed using open-source software: Wordpress, X-Poll and embedthevideo.

web site:
iTunes Store: click here
QuickTime feed:
Windows Media feed: permanent link to this post

Apr 13, 2007

my long lost brother with hair

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rock on mark river
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Apr 12, 2007

Tribe & Jana release New Media Art as an open-source wiki

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Mark Tribe and Reena Jana have released their survey of new media and net art, New Media Art (Taschen, 2006) as an open source, cc-licensed wiki. Rock on!

Check it out

From the preface…
This open-source wiki book is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 License. It is based on the manuscript of New Media Art, a book written by Mark Tribe and Reena Jana and published by Taschen in 2006. The Taschen book is available in French, German, Italian and Spanish in addition to English. This wiki book is not intended as a substitute or replacement for the Taschen book, but rather as an expandable educational resource to which artists, curators, students and others may contribute.

Being the narcissist that I am, the first thing I did was go there and look up MTAA and lo and behold, there I am in my underwear ;-)

Kidding aside, this is a very cool thing for the authors to do. Thanks guys! permanent link to this post

T.Whid’s day job: TVTonic

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This is a demo of TVTonic (the software that I help develop as my day job) and an interview with our company’s president, Michael Sprague.

If the embedded player isn’t working (or you’re reading this via a news reader that doesn’t support plug-ins) try this link. permanent link to this post

Vonnegut dead

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I’m sure everyone that isn’t dead knows this already. I just couldn’t let it pass without a mention in this space. He’s one of the great Americans of all time.

NYT obit permanent link to this post

Apr 11, 2007

Napier @ Bitforms

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Mark Napier’s new show is opening at Bitforms gallery tomorrow April 12!

Be there or…don’t be cool.

From the PR…
April 12 - May 19, 2007 bitforms gallery nyc

bitforms gallery is pleased to announce a third solo exhibition with Mark Napier, April 12 – May 19. This exhibit marks the New York debut of his new software art and print work.

One of the select few artists whose Internet art has been collected and commissioned by prominent art institutions, Mark Napier is known for creating work that challenges traditional rules of ownership, authority, and permanence. Over the past decade he has developed custom software as an art medium, and this exhibition features virtual objects that hover between the material and immaterial.

“Increasingly we live and navigate in a world composed of energy: electrical, magnetic and light,” says Napier. “Digital media infuse our lives as never before. In this media environment, power is no longer associated with physical objects, but with the persistence of ideas in the collective consciousness of the media.”

[lots more at the gallerie’s web site]

There will be an artist’s talk on Saturday May 5 at 4:00PM at the gallery as well. permanent link to this post

JODI in NYC @ vertexList

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Rock on!

The low down at vertexList’s blog permanent link to this post

Apr 10, 2007

tinjail movs part 6

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Apr 09, 2007

LeWitt is dead

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Long live LeWitt!

NYT obit

mriver adds: I Promise
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Apr 06, 2007

Fight art with art

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That’s my new motto.

If M.River agrees, it can be a new MTAA motto. Whaddya think?

m.river adds - Sure. I think this is the list so far:

The Art Happens Here
Save Free TV
Meaning in Misunderstanding
Fight Art with Art

Also, speaking of fighting, I had a dream last night that we remade Jodi’s bomb work with flowers.

twhid update
Cool. A new official motto! BTW, are these slogans or mottos? Probably a motto. permanent link to this post

Apr 04, 2007

tinjail movs - part 5

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a slow loading browser crasher permanent link to this post

Apr 02, 2007

DRM dam has burst

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EMI and Apple to sell non-crippled MP3s audio tracks (according to the official press release the tracks will be in the AAC format) via iTunes.

(No, it’s not a late April Fools Day joke.)

This is it folks. The beginning of the end of DRM. permanent link to this post

Mar 31, 2007


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It looks awesome!

Predictably, NYC politicians don’t like it. What a bunch of n00bs. I give some props to Vallone for knowing what Halo is…

Setting Grand Theft Auto in the safest big city in America would be like setting Halo in Disneyland.
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T.Whid is 38 years old this week

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I was born this week in 1969 in Elyria, OH. I lived in Elyria until 1987 when I moved to Columbus, OH to attend college. In 1992 I moved to Brooklyn, New York City and have been here ever since.

Can my life be summed up in a Google Map?


More detail: every place I’ve lived in Brooklyn. permanent link to this post

Mar 29, 2007

Rhizome Benefit!

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Image by Takeshi Murata

Purchase Tickets Now

Affiliated with the
presents a Benefit Concert featuring:


On April 16, 2007
at the Hiro Ballroom
in the Maritime Hotel
371 West 16th Street
Doors at 8pm

VIP - $75 / General Audience - $35;
Member & Group - $25

Purchase Tickets Now

Note: MTAA has donated a piece to the silent auction. permanent link to this post

Apple rips off Marclay?

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First, read this (and watch the videos), then come back. I’ll wait.

Everybody back? OK.

This is the key paragraph:
[Marclay] says he looked into legal action but was assured by his lawyer “there’s nothing I can do about it. They have the right to get inspired.” Of course, in other cases, such obvious “inspiration” might be called copyright infringement. In this instance, however, Marclay’s rights may be limited as his own film consisted of copyrighted works by other artists.

I like Apple. I like Marclay. What Apple did was sleazy. But does it strike anyone else as a tad hypocritical that Marclay’s complaining about Apple ‘stealing’ his video when his video is made from ‘stealing’ other people’s copyrighted work? I don’t know how the hell he thinks he can sue. The idea of stringing a bunch of telephone ‘hellos’ together isn’t copyrightable and shouldn’t be.

tipped off via Kottke permanent link to this post

Mar 28, 2007


posted at 22:27 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

jimpunk’s silver.river

thx jp - from all us bald dudes (;) permanent link to this post

More mtaa in Swahili

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Received an email this morning providing more info about the word ‘mtaa’ in Swahili:
Here’s the complete definition of mtaa in Swahili:
[link to definition]

Here’s how to pronounce it:
[link to pronunciation guide]


Dr. Martin Benjamin
Yale Council on African Studies

Thanks for the clarification doc!

m.river adds - very cool. thanks dr. martin! permanent link to this post

Burn in

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This is interesting. Two pieces of art about screen burn in:

from 2005, Steven Read’s Screen Burn (please wait)

and the other, from 2007, Cory Arcangel’s Panasonic TH42PV60EH Plasma Screen Burn


What strikes me most about these two pieces is that they are so similar, yet Arcangel’s piece is so much better. Lots better. Infinitely smarter, funnier and more engaging.

Arcangel’s “Panasonic TH42PV60EH Plasma Screen Burn” is brash and bold, it says ‘fuck you, I’m fucking up this expensive piece of equipment. Why? Because I’m motherfucking Cory Arcangel that’s why!” Steven Read’s piece is nitpicky and fussy. His piece says “look! I wrote a program to destroy an obsolete piece of hardware. Why? Because I’m a geek.” Arcangel’s piece is about fucking with consumer dreams. Read’s piece is about… time and phosphors? permanent link to this post

Mar 27, 2007

Mtaa in Africa…

posted at 14:59 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

I’ve noticed for a long time that the string ‘mtaa’ shows up very often in african blogs and web sites. There is also a web radio station called MTAA FM that focuses on African music. I was very curious to know what ‘mtaa’ meant, but I didn’t even know what language I needed to look into.

Today I figured it out (with some help from Google of course). Mtaa means ‘street’ in Swahili. That rocks!

…wonder how the hell you pronounce it. permanent link to this post

tinjail - part 4

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Dante (aka the Unscary Movie)

For the most part it’s black video with someone screaming…but in a funny way. A cut of this film was first shown in a screening at EFA’s gallery. Turn off the lights, sit back and scream along. permanent link to this post

Mar 25, 2007

Support The Artist Deduction Bill

posted at 15:29 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

It’s good for everybody!

via Newsgrist

The Artist Tax Deduction Bill is finally up for action. Please take the time to support this important bill as its passage will impact all individual artists. Go to the link below to send a message to your representatives and senators. Please forward this information to your mailing list!

Artist Deduction Bill Introduced in the House

03-19-2007: After announcing at the Congressional Arts Breakfast on Arts Advocacy Day that he would be the lead sponsor for the Artist Deduction Bill, Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) introduced the bill on March 14, 2007, joined by Rep. Jim Ramstad (R-MN). Identical to a Senate bill introduced by Sens. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Robert Bennett (R-UT), the bill supports individual artists by allowing them to take a fair-market value tax deduction for tangible works they donate to nonprofit collecting and educational organizations, and it benefits the public by giving them access to more art.

Send a message to your members of Congress asking them to be a co-sponsor of this important bill, H.R. 1524 (House) and S. 548 (Senate).
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Mar 23, 2007


posted at 13:35 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid


MTAA has not, I repeat, NOT! been surgically combined on the body of a female bodybuilder.

See the entire ghastly photoshop monstrosity here

more here, but there’s no permalink so you may want to scroll down.

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note from nano-corp.

posted at 12:36 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Inspired by your work I built an “update” of roman opalka’s work using the myspace interface. It has been online for 2 weeks, about 30 contributions have already been posted. I would love to have your feedback on this project. You can see it at: opalka_update


mtaa feedback = rock on nano corp. permanent link to this post

Mar 22, 2007

Get yer net art on 2007 (2)

posted at 03:58 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Rhizome has an open call for net art commissions. You could score between US$1k and US$3K to MAKE SOME GODDAMN NET ART FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Deadline is April 2, 2007 and that ain’t no joke.

Get on over there and find out how to submit a proposal for chrissake! Do it now! Do it now! permanent link to this post

Mar 21, 2007

OS X: capture DVD stills — no 3rd party software

posted at 17:27 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid/geek

CLI to the screen cap yo!

Works like a charm on Mac OS 10.4.9. Nice.

Don’t tell M.River about it, he likes to exploit the analog hole.

I had no idea that M.River had just posted about his project when I posted this. Synchronicity…

m.river adds - yes, strange synchronicity. i was just getting ready to add this note - the goal is not to document the dvd’s nor is it about “cool” or even “good” films. the goal is to make interesting images with what’s at hand. it’s a document of some time spent. the tools for this document are distortion and editing. but thanks for the teck tip. it may come in hand with some other projects I’ve been thinking about. permanent link to this post

new tinjail - part 3

posted at 16:46 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

In 2006, I rented and watched 76 DVDs. Each DVD, viewed alone, at night, at my kitchen table, was photographed without pause while playing. One image for each DVD was then placed on the Tintype blog under the category DVD Still Project 06.

A looping slide show, using the ever poplar and ever sad “Ken Burns Effect”, joins the images together as the final document of the work.

DVD Still Project 06, the Movie

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attention interwebites

posted at 00:36 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

for those about to disco-nnect, we (of MTAA) salute you permanent link to this post

Mar 19, 2007

Ten Years Ago? Fuck…

posted at 19:28 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Port at MIT
MTAA’s first online artwork Buying Time

twhid adds:
We’ve been net artists for 10 years… crazy! permanent link to this post

new tinjail - part 2

posted at 12:42 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver


Here is the second in a set of new works at Tinjail. Enjoy. permanent link to this post

Random old video stuff

posted at 00:51 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

In my wanderings through MTAA’s art life today, I found these two things. One, never really publicly released and one released a year ago this month.


This page was used to illustrate to some students how one could steal videos from our 1 year performance video and re-mix them. It’s a collection of all the easter eggs in 1ypv.

2. An interview with us by Mica Scalin

We talk about our piece 10 Pre-Rejected, Pre-Approved Performances: Midnight In The Deli. It was recently re-posted to Doron Golan’s DVBlog. permanent link to this post

Mar 17, 2007

MTAA at iCommons Summit 2007

posted at 01:46 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

This isn’t happening until June, but we’re very happy and very excited to be artists-in-residence for the iCommons Summit this year. Check out the announcement. The other AiRs are: Ana Husman, Jaka Železnikar, Joy Garnett, Kathryn Smith and Nathaniel Stern.

iCommons Summit 2007 is from June 15 - 17 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The artist-in-residence program is being coordinated by Nathaniel Stern.

Unfortunately, only one of us can go. My whining skillz worked to full affect and M.River relented and is letting me go. We’ll keep you updated on what’s happening and what we plan on doing. Should be fun. permanent link to this post

Mar 16, 2007

McCoys in London

posted at 13:51 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Tiny, Funny, Big and Sad at the BFI Southbank through May 28.

check it out… permanent link to this post

Mar 15, 2007

new tinjail

posted at 12:28 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver


two quicktime palindrome loops of watching a parade pass by and passing by a museum. this is the first in a set of small new works at tinjail under the title permanent link to this post

Mar 14, 2007

Hook me up with an EDU?

posted at 20:58 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Does anyone want to give me an EDU email address so that I can score some free TimesSelect?

Email me! (POP3 access preferred.) permanent link to this post

CO presentation

posted at 14:03 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

A video of our presentation at University of Colorado is online. Check it out…

You can also download a standalone QuickTime version if you don’t like in-browser video viewing: .mov 93MB.

I’ve also been finding some reviews of our work and presentation by CU students (thanks Google Alerts!). The consensus? Thumbs down Mixed. Links: one, two, three, four. permanent link to this post

Mar 13, 2007

from a land down under (myspace)

posted at 00:32 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Once upon a time, I made a site for MTAA on mysapce. (Yeah, I know, I know.) Then, a person named “Penny” from Australia asked to be MTAA’s friend. So I, of course, said, “Yes”. Then she asked if I wanted to be part of a chain of email performances. So I, of course, said, “Yes”. (Yeah, I know, I know.) This is where it gets a bit complicated but stay with me. Penney made a list of performers. The person above MTAA name was to send us an artwork and the person below our name was to get an artwork. Now, the person above our name was Emily. Emily emailed that she thought that email was a bit impersonal (or at least I think that was what she thought), She asked if she could mail us some art. So I, of course, said, “Yes”. Today, in the mail, came Emily’s first project.

Wonderful right? If we get another one, I’ll post it on the blog as well.

Now, as for sending an artwork, the person we got was Penny (who, you’ll remember, also started the project.) What did we send her? We sent her a set of instructions for a performance on how to be “MTAA” that, if she completed and documented, would be the artwork. (Yeah, I know. I know.) Anyways, here is what we sent her:

Being MTAA, Just for one Day
To Be Performed by Penny Spankie

Dress in a black t-shirt, blue jeans, black boots, and a black belt. Perform any or all of the following artworks/ actions. Each performance attempted should be documented with 2 photographs or 2 short videos.

1. lying propped up in bed
2. checking your hair in a mirror
3. tossing a paper airplane out of a window
4. pointing at public sculpture
5. jumping over things on the street.
6. holding an open umbrella inside your home.
7. listening to music with headphones on.
8. drinking a beer not in a bar

So, guess what? She wrote back with this documentation of choice #2 (Checking your hair in the mirror)

Reply Video - for MTAA - Email Art - RCW


So, If we get any more email myspace art, you’ll see it here. That’s all for now. Thanks Emily and Penney. permanent link to this post

Mar 11, 2007

take a hike

posted at 12:43 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

and we now bid a fond found farewell to embed art week at the MTAA-RR permanent link to this post

Mar 10, 2007


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Mar 09, 2007

friday dance party at mtaa-rr’s embed art week…

posted at 15:31 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

I went to see Cory and Hanne give a talk last night on art and the net. The talk, at some point, involved placing artist names into YouTube searches. So, of course, I placed “mtaa, art” into YouTube this morning and got the following top result…

permanent link to this post

Mar 08, 2007

cory’s blue tube

posted at 15:06 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

“Embed Art Week” rolls on here at the MTAA-RR with Cory’s “Blue Tube”. Sly. permanent link to this post


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Mar 07, 2007

Jean Baudrillard

posted at 02:54 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

got the word from Rick…
Baudrillard dead at 77 permanent link to this post


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Mar 06, 2007

t.whid’s away…

posted at 19:21 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

T.Whid is out on the West cost for the rest of the week. Here is another embed movie while he’s away. permanent link to this post

dull wing

posted at 02:48 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Now that it has become embed movie week here at the MTAA-RR…enjoy. permanent link to this post

Help da police

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via Kottke permanent link to this post

Mar 04, 2007


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Mar 03, 2007

Have you heard my funny faggot joke?

posted at 22:20 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid/politics

By now anyone interested in (what passes for) political discourse in the USA is aware of Ann Coulter’s bigoted ‘joke’ in which she called John Edwards a faggot. This is what she said:
I was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, but it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word ‘faggot,’ so I — so kind of an impasse, can’t really talk about Edwards.

This cesspool of a person received huge applause and laughs for her ‘joke.’ And it wasn’t at some extremist gathering. It was at a mainstream conservative convention that Cheney and many of the Republican presidential candidates attended.

Bigotry is bigotry. Ann Coulter and the rest of her ilk on the right are bigots. Plain and simple. This should be a career-ender for her. She should be radioactive to both the media and mainstream political figures on the right. Would CNN, MSNBC et al have David Duke as a regular guest? No. Racist opinions aren’t condoned in this country. Yet anti-gay bigotry is regularly condoned by the mainstream right and the media. It’s disgusting. permanent link to this post

More from CO

posted at 18:15 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Pix from MTAA’s Colorado trip taken on my phone. If I was cool, I could have SMS’d these right from my phone to this blog, but I’m not that cool (yet).

Denver International Airport tram

Denver Art Museum

M.River pretending he’s a hardcore hiker/mountain man

JonBenet Ramsey’s house permanent link to this post

Back from CO

posted at 04:02 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Just back from Boulder today where MTAA did some visiting artist duties at The University of Colorado. M.River’s got a bunch more pix at his tintype blog (start here and work back).

We hope the students appreciated our input on their projects and enjoyed the presentation of our work. It was also great fun hanging out with Rick Silva, Mark Amerika and Anne-Marie Schleiner and all the other interesting folks we met.

The most importnat thing I learned? Never to do my Werner Herzog impersonation in public ever again.

m.river adds – or at least no Herzog impressions after two large margaritas at high altitudes. I regret no documentation of this performance. permanent link to this post

Feb 26, 2007

Graffiti War

posted at 19:54 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

According to Curbed, there’s a graffiti war going on in Williamsburg between the dumbass dubbed The Splasher and other street artists.

Ground-zero seems to be the front of the building where our studio is located! Yikes! permanent link to this post

Feb 25, 2007

The NYC fairs

posted at 19:09 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Before beginning this little post about my thoughts regarding the NYC art fairs, let me disclaim thusly: MTAA isn’t represented anywhere in any fair so my envy, jealously and resentments may color my reflections on the fairs.

The Armory Show (web site)
The line was too long so we skipped it, therefor, it sucked.

Scope (web site)
Bryce Wolkowitz had a well-installed booth with interesting work. For my taste, the highlight of this fair. The fact that we’re currently in a group show at the gallery isn’t coloring my impressions at all.

Otherwise, I wandered about Scope hoping desperately for something interesting to look at but generally being disappointed. PAM was in effect, but the installation was tiny compared to their heroic environment of last year and I’m afraid that the majority of fair-goers had no idea what was actually going on with it.

Pulse (web site)
If there was a fight between Pulse and Scope, Pulse would kick Scope’s ass for two reasons: better quality work overall and more interesting international galleries. The highlight for me was Brody Condon’s DefaultProperties(); at Virgil de Voldere’s booth. But I’m a sucker for Brody’s stuff.

Fountain (web site)
Fountain is tiny compared to the other fairs but FREE. There was interesting stuff going on in all the galleries represented. Glowlab is always smart and were representing some of MTAA’s friends like Marisa Olson and Lee Walton. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Overall impressions and realizations
We need to start working this blog to get press passes for these damn fairs.

There was some McCoy influence in evidence. We saw it at Fountain in a piece called “All Mel’s Kills” and at a piece at Pulse that was a sad knock-off of the McCoy’s scale-model-with-tiny-camera sculptural/media strategy.

Unless you’re being extremely clever and unique or can attain true beauty, then your abstraction is simply decoration. There isn’t much of any art that challenges anyone these days, but abstraction seems like a particularly difficult way to achieve anything more than good-looking decoration.

I didn’t realize this at the fair, but it was underscored. The fact that we make videos that make noise that you need to hear will be detrimental to our showing in fairs and group shows. They want art that is quiet, doesn’t need its own space and easy to ship. permanent link to this post

Feb 22, 2007


posted at 23:25 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid


We’ve been invited by Rick Silva to give a little talk about our work next week at the University of Colorado at Boulder. It’s open to the public, so if you’re in the area, come on out!

Here’s the 411:
What: bloviations and show-n-tell
Where: CU Boulder Campus, Humanities 1B90
When: Thursday March 1st, 5:30PM
How: after drinking lots and lots of vodka permanent link to this post

Feb 21, 2007

Lamentations of Williamsburgs past

posted at 18:48 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

The Washington Post published an article today exploring (what is called) the new type of gentrification happening there. It’s entitled “A Condo Tower Grows in Brooklyn.”

A wall of luxury glass towers is rising for 25 blocks along the “East River Riviera.” Wander inland and check out the needle condo towers with three-bedroom places retailing at $1,135,000.

Just a tip: I wouldn’t be sunbathing on the East River anytime soon.

Seeing as how MTAA’s studio is going to be in the shadow of this wall of high-rises, it’s probably time that we get while the getting is good. Anybody got any ideas?

I’ve always been on the fence about BBurg gentrification. I’m a gentrifier after all. Now that the gentry has moved beyond my class level, who am I to complain? I’m a the interloper in many residents’ eyes (though I’ve lived and/or worked there for almost 15 years). permanent link to this post

Feb 20, 2007

4 years of MTAA blogging

posted at 18:51 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Nathaniel Stern reminds me that the MTAA blog’s (MTAA-RR) 4-year anniversary came and went on February 9 of this year without so much as a mention from us. Meh, who cares anyway, right? Here’s the first post if you’re interested.

Note that our archives are totally screwed and that a bunch of posts got shoved into Feb 06. Some day I’ll fix it (if I have the data). permanent link to this post

AIOTD - Why Should You Be In This Piece?

posted at 18:01 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

The artists ask random people they encounter to answer the question “why should you be in this piece?” and videotape the replies.

The resulting video is an always random playback of the responses (controlled via custom software). permanent link to this post

Feb 19, 2007

stone cold busted

posted at 20:59 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Yes, for the record, I am Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern’s father and I don’t want to talk about it. Period.

twhid chimes in:
and you’re a “broke-ass Brooklyn artist” — hahahahahahahaha permanent link to this post

Infinite Smile

2005, digital video loop

Infinite Smile is a digital video loop of MTAA smiling and blinking. The video is sped up 4x original speed.

This piece was originally created as an on-line art work to reward viewers who finished watching 1 year performance video for one year.

Subsequently it has been exhibited in various ways.

In 2005, as a two screen DVD installation at The 9th Annual D.U.M.B.O. Art Under The Bridge Festival (as part of video_dumbo). Here are a couple of photos of the DUMBO installation: (one) (two).

In 2007, as a large-scale projection in the group show Character Reference at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery. Below, an image of the piece at Bryce Wolkowitz (click for a larger image).
iSmile_Wolkowitz_380x285.jpg link to work |  permanent link to this post

Feb 15, 2007

Get yer net art on 2007

posted at 00:49 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Rhizome has an open call for net art commissions. You could score between US$1k and US$3K to MAKE SOME GODDAMN NET ART FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Deadline is April 2, 2007 and that ain’t no joke.

Get on over there and find out how to submit a proposal for chrissakes! permanent link to this post

Feb 13, 2007

We made some prints for Rhizome…

posted at 15:15 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

…but you can’t get any unless you have already donated some dough to Rhizome.

“iPhil Stills”
edition of 10 (1 AP)
archival inkjet on watercolor paper

Background info here and here. permanent link to this post

Feb 01, 2007

Boston Lite-Brite™ freak-out

posted at 19:25 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

I pretty much agree with everything about this fiasco stated in this post:
[Boston mayor] Menino is going on TV and insisting he’s going to send a 27-year old artist to jail for not breaking any law, because his police department overreacted and wasted a million dollars feeding a media frenzy and terrorizing the population of his own city. That’s a cowardly act of self-preservation, and were he not threatening the life of an innocent young man it would be laughable.

These poor schmucks Berdovsky and Stevens will probably be the next Steve Kurtz: wrongfully prosecuted on trumped up charges just to protect powerful men’s egos.

What a bunch of crap.

Well, at least Berdovsky and Stevens seem to have a sense of humor about it! Watch the video… HILARIOUS! permanent link to this post

Yahoo! outrageous? Don’t think so…

posted at 14:56 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

In regards to Yahoo’s Wii site; Flickr users go nuts.

If you don’t want Yahoo using your photos for commercial purposes, don’t put them on Flickr. And no, it isn’t outrageous. It’s completely predictable:

Yahoo! does not claim ownership of Content you submit or make available for inclusion on the Service. However, with respect to Content you submit or make available for inclusion on publicly accessible areas of the Service, you grant Yahoo! the following worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive license(s), as applicable:


With respect to photos, graphics, audio or video you submit or make available for inclusion on publicly accessible areas of the Service other than Yahoo! Groups, the license to use, distribute, reproduce, modify, adapt, publicly perform and publicly display such Content on the Service solely for the purpose for which such Content was submitted or made available. This license exists only for as long as you elect to continue to include such Content on the Service and will terminate at the time you remove or Yahoo! removes such Content from the Service. (emphasis mine)

Yahoo responded to the uproar by using only photos that have been tagged with Creative Commons licenses. I don’t think they had to, I think the TOS is pretty clear that they are allowed to use the photos ‘for the purpose for which the Content was submitted.’ It’s completely reasonable to consider the Flickr-branded box in which the photo thumbnails appear fitting into the definition of the service. It’s a little grey, but I think they were within the rights they claim in their TOS. And for crying-out-loud, it is just thumbnails linking to Flickr user pages!

I’m sorry Yahoo caved. Yahoo did nothing wrong, but TOS-ignorant Flickr users forced Yahoo to give up rights they own to avoid bad PR (that they’re getting anyway). Folks using servicess like Flickr and YouTube need some scares like this before they realize what rights they’re signing away by using them. permanent link to this post

Jan 31, 2007

Funding cuts for NYC arts institutions

posted at 14:36 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

On WNYC this morning, I heard a report on how the reorganization of The Altria Group (parent of Phillip Morris and, until today, Kraft Foods) will adversely affect arts funding in NYC. This NY Sun article has a good rundown of the institutions that receive large funds from this company and how they’ll be affected. The NY Sun article is 3 weeks old, but I haven’t heard much about it until today. Today is the day that Altria is announcing exactly how they’re restructuring.

Some that may see this funding disappear: The Whitney, BAM, Brooklyn Museum, and The New Museum, of which is part (no!).

The report on WNYC suggested that The Whitney at Altria is a goner. permanent link to this post

Jan 29, 2007

time for a pop quiz…

posted at 15:24 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

Here are some questions that MTAA needs to think about for a new performance/ video thing (just thought I’d share):

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
Where would you like to live?
What is your idea of earthly happiness?
To what faults do you feel most indulgent?
Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?
Who are your favorite characters in history?
Who are your favorite heroines in real life?
Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?
Your favorite painter?
Your favorite musician?
The quality you most admire in a man?
The quality you most admire in a woman?
Your favorite virtue?
Your favorite occupation?
Who would you have liked to be?
Your most marked characteristic?
What do you most value in your friends?
What is your principle defect?
What is your dream of happiness?
What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?
What would you like to be?
In what country would you like to live?
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite flower?
What is your favorite bird?
Who are your favorite prose writers?
Who are your favoite poets?
Who are your heroes in real life?
What are your favorite names?
What is it you most dislike?
What historical figures do you most despise?
What event in military history do you most admire?
What reform do you most admire?
What natural gift would you most like to possess?
How would you like to die?
What is your present state of mind?
To what faults do you feel most indulgent?
What is your motto?

From The Infamous Proust Questionnaire
permanent link to this post

Jan 28, 2007

T.Whid sticking his tongue out

posted at 15:22 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

by M.River, taken at Spike Hill in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on 1/27/07 permanent link to this post

Jan 26, 2007

Good texts today

posted at 16:55 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Some interesting on-line texts have been published today.

First, and New Media Fix have teamed up for “3 x 3: New Media Fix(es) on Turbulence.”

From Turbulence:
[…] three texts about works from the archive. The texts—published in English, Italian and Spanish—were written and translated by members and affiliates of New Media Fix. They include “The Body in Turbulence” by Josephine Bosma; “Narrating with New Media: What Happened with Whatever has Happened?” by Belén Gache; and “Turbulence: Remixes + Bonus Beats” by Eduardo Navas. The translations are by Lucrezia Cippitelli, Francesca De Nicolò, Raquel Herrera, and Brenda Banda Corona & Ignacio Nieto. Ludmil Trenkov designed the PDF and HTML documents.


Also, G.H. Hovagimyan compares Doug Aitken’s sleepwalkers at MoMA to an unrealized proposal for MoMA’s facade by Gordon Matta-Clark.

Check it out permanent link to this post

Jan 21, 2007

MO & Jon in WaPo

posted at 21:25 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Artists ponder future of digital Mona Lisas
“We see the world not through a lens anymore but through a monitor screen,” said Marisa Olson, a curator of, a Web platform that has archived 2,500 digital artworks online.

“Museums have to start paying attention,” said Jon Ippolito, former associate curator at the Guggenheim. “They risk not preserving the most relevant aspects of 21st century culture and, thus, their own relevance.”
permanent link to this post

Jan 20, 2007

Cory Doctorow. I don’t like him.

posted at 16:07 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

I remember the main reason that I don’t like Cory Doctorow.

He’s a hugely overrated writer. That’s annoying. Luckily he gives his books away for free. I would be mighty peeved if I had to pay for them.

But that’s not the main reason.

The main reason (as I was reminded by typing up this post today) is that he called for the destruction of a public art work in Chicago. Why did he want it destroyed? Simply because he didn’t agree with the artist’s view on the artist’s rights concerning copyright of images of the sculpture. He wrote (in this post on his very influential blog), “they […] should melt the goddamned sculpture down for scrap.” He was talking about Anish Kapoor’s “Cloud Gate.”

I happen to agree with him re: the right of the public to photograph things in, um, public. The artist and city officials are dead wrong on this issue. But to call for the destruction of what is a very beautiful work of art, especially from another creative — Doctorow’s a writer remember — is really sickening. He probably wasn’t serious. It was all probably just a bunch of hype. But really, it’s sad. He’s taken his copyright dogma to fundamentalist extremes if he really thinks it’s OK to destroy art work as an option in copyright disputes.

What’s next? book burnings of non-creative commons licensed books?

Rob Meyers doesn’t agree with me (and it is me T.Whid, not MTAA (MRiver has an annoying habit of not having the opinions that I want him to have)).

Rob sounds like he’s OK with destroying Kapoor’s stuff because he doesn’t like the artist’s work. He says Doctorow was being rhetorical, which is true. But it’s the kind of rhetoric I find repulsive. And then there’s this:
[..] I would say in all seriousness that if a work of art is that harmful to society (in a practical rather than a symbolic way), destroying it is the less harmful option for art itself.

I’m sure all the bookburners and christian-morals censors would heartily agree with you.

It’s simple. You can’t change copyright law by destroying art works. You do it by petitioning law makers, demonstrating, civil disobedience etc, etc.

If you simply don’t like an art work you can ridicule it, write scathing crits of it or, better yet, ignore it. permanent link to this post

WTF Claes?

posted at 14:47 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

A while back I posed the question of whether or not Anish Kapoor is a dumbass for restricting photographs of his ‘bean’ sculpture in Chicago. (Background here.)

So. I ask again. Are Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen dumbasses? Probably not.

Some of the comments on that Stranger post linked above, I DO NOT agree with. Fantasizing about vandalizing or destroying art I find offensive. Also, I like the piece, it’s fun. This pic shows how it’s situated on a small rise so it looks like it’s rolling downhill.

But this new copyright fascism does seem particularly offensive considering that Oldenburg makes his sculptures by copying designs that may be copyrighted or even patented!

Perhaps it’s the city officials negotiating the sales of these things need some education? They should make certain that they get the rights for the citizens to photograph these pieces. If the artists are going to be so greedy, it’s seems the only alternative. permanent link to this post

Jan 19, 2007

More Character Reference

posted at 16:30 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

M.River took a snap of our piece:

The show makes it to Rhizome’s official news, penned by director Lauren Cornell no less.

Tom Moody’s take:
they might to be holding poses for some future dystopian hologram ID gone all glitchy due to budget cuts in the security ministry

LOL — Thanks Tom!

This is interesting. Barry Hoggard sent us a link to a similar piece from ‘95 by Charles Goldman entitled “Happy To Be Here.” Seeing the date on this piece made me realize that we did Infinite Smile exactly 10 years after. ISmile is from 2005. permanent link to this post

Jan 18, 2007

reminder: Character Reference tonight

posted at 15:10 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Character Reference is opening tonight. If yer in NYC, be there or be a…whatever.


Character Reference — a group show

MTAA, Lee Walton, Marina Zurkow, Julian Opie and Oliver Laric.

curated by the smart and talented Caitlin Jones

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery
601 W26h St. ste 1240 (btw 11th Ave and West Side Hwy)

opening - Jan 18, 6 - 8PM (tonight)
thru Feb 24

Everything is plugged in — electricity! permanent link to this post

Jan 12, 2007

Networked Nature

posted at 16:39 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

Made the opening of Production’s group show entitled Network Nature last night.

The place was packed (see below) and the work was great.

M.River and I were confused that we weren’t in the show. We thought there was an unwritten rule that Marisa puts us in everything she curates. I guess we were mistaken ;-)

One more thing, check out JMB’s flickr set of the opening permanent link to this post

Jan 09, 2007

more on cats and less on phones

posted at 22:24 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

It has almost become law that to be a blogger, at some point, you must post about a cat. No one knows why this is. It is just how the Net operates. It is also a sign that a blog has run past relevance. Posting on cats is the net equivalence of jumping the shark So, just to drive Tim insane for his post below, here is a link for a Google image search on phone cat

Enjoy permanent link to this post


posted at 21:37 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid/geek

Apple has released the iPhone. I sorta called it a few months back in this Digg comment.

Sure, I was wrong about the name and the way it would be hyped. But I got the gist right IMHO. The important part was my follow up pointing out the patent on ‘dynamic and configurable touchscreen interfaces.’ Or maybe I’m just delusional; everyone and their dog was predicting this damn thing.

PS, I needed to post something again today to push M.River’s cat post down. I hate cat blogging. permanent link to this post

what may be the first MTAA-RR blog post about a cat

posted at 20:07 GMT by M.River in /news/mriver

and net art 2.0 rolls on with Evan Roth’s Satanic Images. Google image searches for the 666th photo taken on various digital cameras.

I just want to point out that the cat in the third row IS evil. Very evil permanent link to this post

Sherman: Paik as first video artist is a myth?

posted at 17:12 GMT by T.Whid in /news/twhid

I just saw the short essay by Tom Sherman, The Premature Birth of Video Art, on the iDC list and found it very interesting. Sherman’s conclusion:
[…] the myth of Paik’s first work of video art appears to pre-date its own possibility. While Paik undoubtedly was a pioneer user of portable video equipment, he probably shared the original moments of video art with other artists, including Frank Gillette, Ira Schneider, Les Levine, and Juan Downey. The mythic story of Nam June Paik shooting the first Portapak-generated video art out of the back of a taxi in 1965 is apparently just that, a myth.

He goes on to say:

I […] welcome information that supports or undermines this challenge of the myth of the birth of video art.

Read the entire essay at the iDC archives.

Obviously, I have no idea. If I see further compelling info or evidence, I’ll post it here. permanent link to this post

Spitzer slashes sick tax

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It’s nice to see government working for the people once in a while. And Eliot Spitzer, brand new Governor of New York, is just the guy to do it.

Since 2003, NY state has had a sick, demented tax on people who’s friends and families happen to be in prison. Oh, and the government was sharing the spoils with for-profit phone company Verizon. This is how this disgusting shake-down worked:

In court papers, lawyers for Verizon/MCI said the state Public Service Commission directed them in 2003 to charge a tariff that includes the “jurisdictional” rate plus the “DOCS commission.” That included a flat rate of $3 per call and 16 cents a minute thereafter.

That meant collect calls have been charged at a rate of 630 percent more than consumer rates, of which 57.5 percent is “kicked back” to [the Dept. of Correctional Services] for operating expenses such as health care that should come out of general tax dollars, [Center for Constitutional Rights] officials said.


Yesterday, Spitzer announced that the rates would be cut. permanent link to this post

Jan 08, 2007

Dept of Homeland Security: NYC highest risk

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Well, we all knew it to be true but now our trusted civil servants in the DHS have confirmed it:

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, seeking to avert a repeat of last year’s furor over counter-terrorism grants to U.S. cities, announced Friday that New York, Washington and four other “highest-risk” metro areas will receive $411 million to subsidize their efforts to guard against terrorist attacks.

Wonder what those four others are? LA, SF, Houston? Dallas? Seattle? Miami?

Watching Children of Men (HIGHLY recommended) over the weekend it warmed my heart to see a casual passing reference by the main characters to the nuking of NYC at some vague point in the past of the movie’s present of 2027.

It seems that everyone is just assuming that it will happen eventually. Hopefully lots of people will get scared and move away so I can purchase some real estate in this damn city.

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Jan 06, 2007

It’s freakishly warm in NYC today

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According to my little OS X weather widget, it’s 67ºF outside right now and the high is to be 71ºF!!! Is this June or January? Outside, most people are in shirt sleeves, no jackets, no coats, no scarves, no hats, no mittens. Freaky!

I know that, scientifically, these warm (or cold) outliers don’t mean anything in the larger global warming trend. But here in NYC, winter seems to be coming much later and ending much sooner. Days like this are exclamation points on that trend.

I know what M.River is saying, “Vive La Global Warming!” Perhaps we should all start keeping canoes on our roofs — just in case? permanent link to this post

Jan 02, 2007

Character Reference

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We’re in a group show opening January 18th at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery here in NYC with a bunch of other interesting artists.

We hope that if you’re in NYC that you can come out and see the show!

Character Reference
January 19 - February 24 2007
Opening Reception: January 18, 6-8pm

The Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery is pleased to present “Character Reference”” a group show featuring an international group of contemporary artists.

The portrait as a genre has enjoyed an enduring popularity throughout the history of art. As depictions of power and wealth, or socialist realist studies, through its current pervasiveness in contemporary photography, the portrait has long played a key role in creating and questioning identity. Through the works in “Character Reference” the artists Oliver Laric, MTAA, Julian Opie, Lee Walton and Marina Zurkow all mine this rich genre. These artists do not simply employ the portrait as a means to depict specific individuals but rather use the form to represent broader cultural types.

Oliver Laric’s “787 Cliparts” uses as building blocks the “clip art” which can be found embedded in Microsoft Word documents and Power Point presentations world over. These prepackaged images are seamlessly streamed together in a continuous dance to convey and question how diverse cultures and activities are stereotyped in the name of convenient communication.

MTAA’s “Infinite Smile” is a video portrait in which the artists’ faces hold a smile in an infinitely repeating loop. Their expressions, appear to change from glee to agony and back, highlighting the artifice of the smile and its function as a seller of goods and ideology, an indicator of happiness, and how we project our own assumptions on to the ubiquitous happy face.

In Julian Opie’s “Suzanne Walking in Leather Skirt” and “Sarah Walking in Bra, Pants and Boots”, female characters are rendered in the artist’s signature generic, minimalist style. These sexually charged portraits of women in underwear and short skirts conveys a connection to the specific subjects while simultaneously representing the stereotypical and loaded symbols of female sexuality.

To create Lee Walton’s “The Serial Conversationalist”, Walton targeted park benches throughout New York City on specific dates and times and initiated conversation with whoever happened to sit down. Often awkward and pained, Walton’s recordings of these conversations with random strangers about kids, dogs and other New York wildlife help inform a portrait of a city and how it establishes and solidifies our understanding of the characters around us.

Likewise, Marina Zurkow’s animated “Boom!Darling” looks at the formation of character against the backdrop of a hyper-active urban environment. Through this short animation we see a girl on the edge of puberty exploring her own identity in the booming metropolis of current day Shanghai - a city which is similarly experiencing “growing pains” in the current global economy.

Seen as a whole the works in “Character Reference” represent a broadened view of the portrait genre. Using this historically rich convention in new ways the artists are able to portray their subjects as much more than they appear.
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Jan 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

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Now get out there and go get drunk!

Or at least spend the evening and New Year’s Day with your loved ones :-)

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